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13 Things You Can Clean with Your Carpet Cleaner You Might Not Know

13 Things You Can Clean with Your Carpet Cleaner You Might Not Know

Whenever someone heard about carpet cleaner, many people among them think that these are only applicable to the carpet. But, with a commercial-grade carpet cleaner, you can get rid of dirt and sanitize many other home materials. In this article, we will discuss 13 things that you can clean with a carpet cleaner.

You can use the carpet cleaner for removing stains, dirt, and small particles from your beautiful mattresses. Our mattresses are familiar to attract dirt and dust very easily. A dirty mattresses appearance really is awful for the home environment. But you don't need to purchase a different cleaning machine if you have a powerful carpet sanitizer at home.

Caution: You need to wash and dry one side before cleaning the other side while cleaning your mattress.

2. Curtains

You can use a portable carpet cleaner to clean curtains. It would be easy to clean the top part of the curtains where most of the dirt and small particles are stocked. You can run the cleaning process once or twice a week. But if you want to wash the whole curtain at the instant, it is ok to do it once in a month.

3. Furniture

Carpet cleaner would be the best choice for cleaning our home furniture upholstery. It would be an easy process to remove dirt particle and animals hair. But here we need to keep in mind that mold spores and mildew growth do not occur.

Note: You can also use small cotton cloth for removing dirt from furniture if you are not comfortable with a carpet cleaner.

4. Car Upholstery

When there are unexpected stains in the car seat, it may hurt your feelings. But these stains can be removed entirely from seat covers with a long cord carpet cleaning machine. The long cord will help you to reach and clean the inner part of your car upholstery between two seats.

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5. Comforters

It is also a familiar item can be clean with a carpet cleaner. But for comfort cleaning, steam system cleaners are the best option. It can remove all small particles in safe hands. Most importantly, you can clean large comforters or other types of large bedding items using it. We know that it is tough to wash these huge comforters regularly.

6. Hard Floors

While using carpet cleaner for the hard floors, we need to change the settings of the machine. Moreover, all types of device are not perfect for performing this workout. Each setting ranges varies from a light cleaning to dominant polishing modes. As there are different types of floors, so users need to change the setting option based on the levels. But at first, ensure is it applicable on a hard floor or not.

If you need specified hard floor cleaner, check the list of Our Recommended Best Floor Cleaner.

7. Tiles and Grout

It is better not to use a traditional carpet cleaner for the tiles floor. Carpet cleaner has fine brushes and scrubbers for that reason; it would be harmful to the tiles. While using this machine on the tiles, there is a high chance of a permanent scratch on our expensive tile. And that scratch is very much hard-hitting to remove.

So, this would be wise to have specified tiles and grout cleaner machine. Although you can select wisely, then you can do both works with a single device.

8. Clean the Entire Kitchen

The steam cleaner is perfect for the better entire kitchen. It kills bacteria and makes the kitchen safer. So if you have a steam controlled carpets cleaner, then you don't need to buy another cleaning tool for the kitchen.

9. Wash Windows

It is safe not to use regular carpet cleaner for your windows. As we have said earlier that there are sharp brushes and scrubbers, so it is harmful to the glass type materials.

Also for washing windows, steam system carpet cleaner can be a great option. There is a high chance to have a scratch spot on your windows if you use a regular cleaner machine.

10. Clean Garden Tools

A steam carpet cleaner can be the safest cleaning item for garden tools. There are no harmful consequences for using this machine. A steam cleaner is powerful and sanitizes the garden tools. That's why it would be a great use of carpet cleaner.

11. Ice and Water Dispenser

The black stuff is consumed where the ice door opened up to let the ice drop out. In such places, dirty things are attracted very much. A steam or vacuum carpet cleaner can help clean it.

12. Clean and Disinfect Pet Beds

Carpet cleaner would be the best choice to clean and sanitize pet beds. It is effortless to do with a special pet stain carpet cleaner. Pet beds are too large to wash in a washing machine. In that case, it would be helpful to clean them with a quality pet stain carpet remover.

13. Steam Wrinkles Out of Clothing

Having wrinkles in your clothes may distract other people. The wrinkles will not have a good impression for you. So, if you don't have iron in your home, there are many ways to remove these wrinkles from your clothes.

The steamer can work as iron for most fabrics, the fabrics which include cotton, silks, wools, and polyesters can be steamed. On the other hand, the fabrics from silk, chiffon, sheer, or velvet should be treated with care. These fabrics should not be steamed in one place of structure for too long.

Final Words

A carpet cleaner is an essential tool. We need to clean our carpet regularly to keep our room atmosphere fresh. But if we can select multi usable kits intentionally, then we can complete a lot of work with it. In this article, we describe such 13 things that are usable with a carpet cleaner. If you have any question, feel free to comment below.

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