About Zonathon Rayan

I am a B2B consumer marketer and product tester & writer. You will found me here and somewhere in the testing latest home and industrial tool. You can join with me to improve your cleaning experience.

Which Best Describes the Negative Impact of Human Water Use?

We know that water pollution is one of the biggest reasons for human health risks. The polluted water is visible in all possible water properties. That's why it is negatively affecting the surrounding [...]

How to Remove Fluoride from Water Cheaply

Consuming an adequate amount of fluoride is beneficial for health. The doctors said so. But, too much of fluoride consumption can cause severe hitches like fluorosis, infection in teeth and can create bones [...]

Best Refrigerator Water Filter Reviews

In this post, we have listed 9 Best Refrigerator Water Filter. We run an in-depth research and analyse lots of products before providing Refrigerator Water Filter Review.While anyone buys a refrigerator, ice dispenser [...]

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