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7 Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

Drinking regular contaminant-filled tap water is not suitable for health. That's why people are now massively opting for drinking alkaline water. Recent studies state that alkaline water with a high pH level has several health benefits. In particular, people who have high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

An excellent alkaline water pitcher is mandatory to get alkaline water. Thus, purchasing the Best Alkaline Water Pitcher is an excellent decision for any household. Even if your tap water doesn't contain any contaminants, it is still better to have an alkaline water pitcher.

Because it finely filters regular drinking water and adds minerals to it for raising pH levels. Some alkaline water pitcher also removes unpleasant odors from water.

However; to ensure the alkaline, water pitcher is doing its best job. In this article, we've shortlisted 7 best selling alkaline water filter pitcher in the market. We've also included a detailed buyer's guide. Let's have the details:

pH On-The-Go Portable Water Filter - Alkaline Water Pouch...
pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher - Long Lasting Water...
Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher - pH Enhancing...
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pH On-The-Go Portable Water Filter - Alkaline Water Pouch...
pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher - Long Lasting Water...
Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher - pH Enhancing...
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pH On-The-Go Portable Water Filter - Alkaline Water Pouch...
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pH On-The-Go Portable Water Filter - Alkaline Water Pouch...
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pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher - Long Lasting Water...
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pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher - Long Lasting Water...
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Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher - pH Enhancing...
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Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher - pH Enhancing...
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We've looked at a few things while making the list, such as a filter capacity, pitcher size, material, form, etc. This thorough research could help you decide the best alkaline water pitcher.

Let's take a look at our suggested 7 alkaline water pitchers.

Beside the alkaline water filter, sediment filters are also very effective to purify water. You can check 9 Best Sediment Water Filter for well water. By using sediment filter. you can be ensure that you are ensuring well water for your family.

1. EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher- One of the Top Rated Alkaline Water Pitcher

EHM ultra-premium water pitcher is one of the affordable and best rated alkaline water pitchers. It facilitates water hydration into a 3.8L pitcher. The water pitcher combines a reasonable price point with remarkable performance.

This 3.8L pitcher includes a 2L filtration capacity, which is enough for the large family. The filter removes several contaminants with its 6-stage filtration system. It sets the pH value up to 10pH based on the water source.

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher - 3.8L,...

The filter cartridge restores minerals into water, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and antioxidants. It also hydrates water by micro-clustering and minimizing the size of water molecules. This ionizer pitcher produces alkaline water that is easily absorbable.

Moreover, the water you get from the pitcher is a powerful antioxidant. The water also free of toxins and radicals. It provides a low negative ORP in between 100 to -200mv into the water.

Above all, the water pitcher boosts your energy and immune system with the pure alkaline water. The size is also convenient that can easily fit into the refrigerator.


1. Premium 6-stage filtration,

2. High pitcher and filter's capacity,

3. Ensures easily-absorb-able alkaline water,

4. Better pH value,

5. Removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants,

6. Conveniently-shapes,

7 Superior-quality material,

8. Affordable price.


1. No timer for filter replacement.

2. Invigorated Water PH001 Alkaline Water Filter

The Invigorated Water pitcher is best for its highly-functional filter. The filter is equipped with the highest-quality materials. So,  that it also provides excellent benefits for health.

It features a PH001 multi-stage filter with a massive capacity of 360L per filter. This PH001 filter cartridge includes two-micro-net stages, two-filtration stages, and one remineralization filter stage.

PH001 - White Alkaline Water Filter – Replacement Water...

Moreover, this multi-stage filter allows beneficial minerals like magnesium and calcium through the net. It is powerful enough to remove particles and impurities from tap water. The filter can filter out up to 0.01-micron contaminants.

By removing chemicals and pollutants, it improves the smell and taste of the drinking water. The filter features the latest KDF technology at the second stage. Therefore,  that technology helps to remove heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, etc.

The filter also includes ten kinds of materials inside the filter, including alkaline, ORP, far-infrared, main stones, etc. All these helps to boosts pH level, minimizes ORP, add trace elements and minerals.

Overall, the filter is perfectly design, which gets easily fit into any Invigorated Water alkaline water pitcher.


1. Extra-fine filter,

2. Huge filtration capacity,

3. Includes ten kinds of material inside,

4. Latest KDF technology removes heavy metals,

5. Extended lifespan.


1. There is a possibility of leakage.

3. Invigorated Water Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher

The next one is a heavy-duty, durable, and eco-friendly water pitcher from Invigorated Water. This brand-new stainless-steel alkaline water pitcher is an excellent alternative to plastic pitchers.

The design is super-modern, which you can use anywhere, even at the dinner party. The pH VITALITY is equipped with food-grade, ultra-strong, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It includes an ice guard that keeps dirt and dust out of your drinking water.

pH On-The-Go Portable Water Filter - Alkaline Water Pouch...

Inside the pitcher, there is a multi-stage alkaline water filter. In each stage, it efficiently removes bad smell, heavy metals and adds minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron, etc. It also can reduces chlorine, fluoride, and chlorine from the water.

Lastly, the filter increases the pH level and ensures a low negative ORP. The filter comes with a high capacity of 3.5oz, and which can purify up to 400-liter water. Besides a hygienic and stylish design, it includes an attractive wooden handle for ease of use. So, you can also use the water pitcher for a variety of purposes.


1. Heavy-duty and aesthetic design

2. Corrosion-resistant body,

3. Includes an ice guard,

4. Allows a variety of uses,

5. Efficiently removes impurities and toxins,

6. Last for years,

7. Multi-stage filter with better capacity,

8. Easy to use and maintain.


1. A bit pricey but worth it,

2. The handle becomes loose; it requires adjustment more often.

4. Invigorated Water pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher- Best Affordable Alkaline Water Pitcher

Invigorated water specializes in manufacturing water pitchers with high-quality filters. The Invigorated Water pH restore alkaline water pitcher is not an exception. It is excellent at water purification and alkaline remineralization.

The water pitcher comes with a unique PH001 filtration cartridge with 360L per filter. However, it comprises of three premium stages, including two micro-net, two filtrations, and one remineralization stage.

The first stage blocks harmful particles and allows beneficial minerals like calcium and selenium. Then, the second-stage features KDF technology that minimizes heavy metals like lead, mercury, etc.

pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher - Long Lasting Water...

Finally, the last stage includes ten types of materials that increase the pH level up to 10. And it also increases low negative ORP and ionizes tap water. Moreover, the pitcher consists of easy to fill the lid with a digital timer.

The digital gauge lets you know when to change the filter—however, the water pitcher made of BPA-free material. The pitcher can hold up to 3.5L water inside the pitcher.


1. Extended filter capacity,

2. Multi-stage and functional filtration stages,

3. Trendy design,

4. Easy-to-fil lid,

5. Includes digital gauge,

6. Extra fine filtration.


1. The cover seems not durable.

5. Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher- Best Alkaline Water Filtration Pitcher

Coming up next in the list is a classy and practical alkaline water pitcher from Santevia. Santevia water pitcher can restore your drinking water to its alkaline, natural, and mineral-rich state.

The Santevia water pitcher includes a 4-stage remineralization filter where 1-stage for filtration and 3 for remineralization. So, the first stage comprises a granulated activated-carbon that removes any kind of contaminants.

Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher (White)

The second stage features deodorizing and anti-bacterial media. Moreover, it brings the taste in your drinking water and makes it slightly alkaline. And, the third and fourth stage has Maifan and calcium minerals. It adds beneficial minerals that are good for health.

Moreover, the filter can filter out up to 80 gallons of water per filter. It includes a digital timer that can track cartridge usage. It let you when replacement is needed. All in all, it's a great pitcher with excellent remineralization capability.


1. Adequate filtration capacity,

2. Effective 4-stage filtration,

3. Durable filter cartridge,

4. Digital timer included,

5. Low replacement cost,

6. Classy design,

7. Easy to refill,

8. Convenient size.


1. The lid may leak in a few cases,

2. Digital gauge doesn't last for long.

6. Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The next entry to our list coming from the least known brand, Hskyhan. Even being new in the industry, people who bought Hskyhan alkaline water pitcher loves it. So, what's superior about it?

The main highlight of the water pitcher is its large two filter cartridges. This 3.5L water pitcher comes with two 2L filters. It provides 7-layer alkaline filtration layers.

Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher - 3.5 Liters Improve...

This 7-layer filtration helps to remove harmful metals and other water substances in the water. It also boosts the pH level of the water by 0.5 to 2 or more level. The pitcher provides healthy drinking water by removing unwanted odors.

Moreover, the filter can purify up to 40 gallons of water before changing the cartridge. The pitcher is made of high-quality BPA-free material, which is safe to use. There is a timer in the lid to let you know the life expectancy of the filter. All in all, it's a great deal to have.


1. Affordable price,

2. Compact design,

3. Easily fits inside the refrigerator,

4. Comes with two 2L filters,

5. 7-layer filtration,

6. Made from BPA-free plastic,

7. Digital timer.


1. Not so good at increasing pH levels.

7. Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher- Best Alkaline Water Pitcher.

There are millions of people drinking contaminated water, which is putting them at risk of health. If you are concerned about it, you should invest in the Seychelle pH20 alkaline water filter pitcher. But  Seychelle is a well-known brand so that you can rely on them.

The water pitcher comes with a filter with four different functionalities. At the first stage, it removes aesthetic contaminants and unpleasant odors. But, in the second stage and third stage. So, it helps to eliminate toxic chemicals and harmful inorganic elements.

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher - pH Enhancing...

At the final stage, it finely remineralize the water by boosting the pH level up to 9.5. It increases hydration in the water to remove toxins from the body. All you get is better tasting water that is easily absorbable.

The Seychelle alkaline water pitcher provides up to 200 gallons of water per filter. Since it has two filter cartridges, so the water pitcher will serve you for about a year. Overall, it's a great alkaline water pitcher to remove several contaminants.


1. Two in-build filter cartridges,

2. Four-layer of filtration,

3. Excellent pH level,

4. Larger pitcher capacity,

5. Made with BPA-free material,

6. Affordable.


1. No timer include for filter replacement,

2. It doesn't work well for water.

Health Benefits of Using Alkaline Water Filters

As you know, alkaline water is the water that denotes its pH level. It determines how alkaline the water on a pH scale of 0 to 14. Alkaline water has a better pH level than regular tap water.

However, an alkaline water filter not only maintains a pH level in the water. But, it also has other health benefits. Because of its remarkable health benefits. However, it has become popular in recent years. Here are a few health benefits of using an alkaline water filter.

1. Maintain a Better pH Level

Usually, tap or well water contains a high level of acid. When it adds to our body, it produces an unhealthy pH level in our collection.

Alkaline water pitcher increases alkalinity in regular tap water to maintain a better pH level. It goes a long way to ensure a much better pH balance. Moreover, this helps in boosting the immune system in our body.

2. Good for Bone Health

Recent research states that alkaline water has an essential effect on bone resorption. Bone resorption means new ones replace old bone cells.

The water we get from an alkaline water pitcher minimizes bone resorption and enhance mineral density. Also, alkaline water has minerals like calcium and magnesium. So, those minerals will help to maintain good bone health for the human body.

3. Boost the Taste of Water

Sometime tap water may have a metallic taste that comes from the pipe or other sources. It minimizes the quality of water. However, an alkaline water pitcher filters out the bad odors and improves the taste of water.

4. Maintain Blood Pressure and Diabetes

The scientist in Shanghai has researched people with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipids. They found an improvement in each case after they drink alkaline water for 3 to 6 months. It also helps to reduce cardiovascular strain because of dehydration.

5. Affordable than Bottled Water

We drink a lot of water daily for a living. It becomes costly to able bottled water each day. So, for long term use, alkaline water pitcher is more affordable than bottled water. One alkaline water pitcher lasts for years. Also, you can get replacement filters of the alkaline water pitcher, which is still accessible.

If you are finding to remove contaminants from your refrigerator, we will suggest buying a Fridge Water Filter. The Best Fridge Water Filter can remove all kinds of contaminants by using its carbon acts. However, this Carbon acts work like a contaminant magnet trapping pollutant. This process is useful for fridge water filtration.

What to look for in water filter pitcher – Step by Step Buying Guide

The time you are about to buy something, you look for what is best. The same is the case with the best alkaline water pitcher. It is not that hard to figure out a great alkaline water pitcher in the market. Also, not all water pitchers are equally-made.

There are few things you should look for in an alkaline water pitcher. Keep in mind the following factors.

1. Water Pitcher's Capacity

The first to look in the best alkaline water pitcher is the capacity. The amount of water it can hold determines the function. The capacity ranges from 1 to 3.5 liters or 4 to 8 cups. What size you need is depends on the size of your family.

If you have a large family, an alkaline water pitcher with 3.5L capacity is a suitable option. But these are good for household use only. You cannot take them on a travel trip. So, here an alkaline water pitcher with less capacity will meet the need.

2. Pitcher Design

When you are buying this for household needs, the design does matter. You will likely want to have a trendy pitcher in your dining, counter, or desk. So, the overall appearance can make a difference.

Besides, some small-sized pitcher fits into the refrigerator. Though you can use the fridge water filter, it still works as a great alternative.

3. Pitcher Material Quality

The material of the pitcher plays a vital role in the quality of water. Also, it determines the durability. A poor-quality pitcher will leak or break easily. However, it is better to buy an alkaline water pitcher made with BPA-free material. Also, check if it has ISO quality certification.

4. Type of Filter

Most alkaline water pitcher comes with a multi-stage filter. That filter includes activated carbon, special resins, mineral stones, and mineral balls. These multi-stages perform better than a single filter. Multi-stage filters remove not only harmful contaminants but also add soluble minerals. Soluble minerals increase the pH level inside the water.

5. Filter's Capacity

The capacity of filter denotes how much water a filter cartridge can filter out. Usually, a filter lasts for about 1 to 3 months. It can also last longer than this. So, while buying the best alkaline water pitcher, you should check the lifetime of the filter.

6. pH Level

The high pH level means it is healthier for consumption. An excellent alkaline water pitcher filter can maintain a high pH level of around seven or more. Some pitcher filter has at least 8 or 9 pH level or sometimes ten pH level. Whichever you choose, it should have at least a pH level of 7.

7. Additional Features

Most top-end alkaline water pitchers will have few more additional features. The common among them is the digital timer or counter. It let you know the time to change the filter cartridge.

8. Ease of Use

An alkaline water pitcher is something you'll be using daily. So, it should be simple to use and maintain. It means the pitcher should be easy to clean. Also, the filter should be easy to take out.

9. Filter Replacement Gauge

There is a specialized gauge used in an alkaline water pitcher. It denotes whether the filter is working or not. These filter replacement gauge immediately indicates if the filter stops working. You may have to spend some extra bucks to get this.

10. Cost

The cost will always come into consideration while purchasing an alkaline water pitcher. The most expensive pitcher doesn't mean the best one. However, an alkaline water pitcher is available anywhere from $35 to $60.

You also have to consider the initial purchase cost and filter replacement cost alongside. If a filter costs less, but it requires replacement in just one month, anyone will not want such a pitcher.

Which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants?

After reviewing all the seven alkaline water pitchers, we found that EHM ultra-premium can remove the most contaminants. Earlier, we mentioned, its 2L filter cartridge removes contaminants in its six-filtration stage. The proof of this is that the water pitcher increases the pH value of tap water up to 10. In short, you should buy EHM ultra-premium alkaline water pitcher if you want to remove maximum contaminants.


1. What Is the Best Alkaline Pitcher Capable of?

The best alkaline pitcher;

  • Increase the pH level in tap water,
  • Remove toxins and contaminants from tap water,
  • Produce antioxidant water,
  • Boost cardio-respiratory capacity,
  • Adds minerals in the water.

2. Are the alkaline water pitchers safe?

Alkaline water pitchers are safe to use. Along with filtering, it adds healthy minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

3. Is it safe for pregnant women?

Yes, it highly suggests for pregnant women. During pregnancy, women need food containing nutrients and water with minerals. So, an alkaline water pitcher eliminates harmful contaminants and add healthy minerals. Therefore, this makes the alkaline water entirely safe for pregnant women.

4. How much do Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers Cost?

Well, it depends on the quality and capacity of the pitchers. More or less, it costs around $15 to $100 at max.

5. Is Brita water alkaline?

The answer is somewhat controversial. The Brita water filters generally not design to increase the pH level in the water. And, you know, alkaline water contains a high pH level. Even after being a filter, Brita cannot produce alkaline water.

6. What is the advantage of drinking alkaline water?

If we talk about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water, we must say, alkaline water;

  • Minimize bone loss,
  • Boost energy,
  • Improve metabolism,
  • Lower blood pressure,
  • Lower blood sugar,
  • Improve digestion,
  • And so on.

Final Word

So, these are the best alkaline water pitcher that you can purchase for your healthy life. All of them are highly effective for removing any contaminants and adding healthy minerals. You can choose one that you find attractive and functional.

Lastly, we appreciate that you took your time to read on the top alkaline water pitcher reviews. Choose one to improve the quality of your drinking water. Best of luck!

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