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Best Broom for Hardwood Floors

Best Broom for Hardwood Floors

Who doesn’t love a shiny floor? Everyone! We do lots of things to clean our floor. Broom is most common among all. By the way, we will disclose 7 Best Broom for Hardwood Floors including Reviews and Buying Guide.

It is not a matter of what is your floor types. The important thing is cleaning it regularly and adequately. But it is difficult to clean the hardwood floor like tiles, laminate, etc. rather than ordinary floors.

Although there are lots of cleaning tools are available, maximum is costly. But in this article, we are going to discuss a cheap kit, floor brooms. Moreover, you will get a list of Best Floor Broom for Hardwood Floors in this article.

NINE FORTY USA 24 Inch Commercial Cotton Dry Dust Mop Head...
FURemover Pet Hair Remover Carpet Rake - Rubber Broom for...
Bissell Lightweight Tile, Wood Floor and Hard Surface Pet...
Product Name
NINE FORTY USA 24 Inch Commercial Cotton Dry Dust Mop Head...
FURemover Pet Hair Remover Carpet Rake - Rubber Broom for...
Bissell Lightweight Tile, Wood Floor and Hard Surface Pet...
Prime or Not?
NINE FORTY USA 24 Inch Commercial Cotton Dry Dust Mop Head...
Product Name
NINE FORTY USA 24 Inch Commercial Cotton Dry Dust Mop Head...
Prime or Not?
More Details
FURemover Pet Hair Remover Carpet Rake - Rubber Broom for...
Product Name
FURemover Pet Hair Remover Carpet Rake - Rubber Broom for...
Prime or Not?
More Details
Bissell Lightweight Tile, Wood Floor and Hard Surface Pet...
Product Name
Bissell Lightweight Tile, Wood Floor and Hard Surface Pet...
Prime or Not?
More Details

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One has to consider many things to clean a hardwood floor as a minor mistake can damage the floor surface. Therefore, before going to select a broomstick, you must consider the types of floor. However, in the market, many brooms are available, but not all are worthy enough to stay in the race.

As the hardwood floor is very prone to scratch, a soft bustle brush is very appropriate for it. There is some best broom brush available in the market. There goes a saying,” Don’t find customers for your products; find products for your customer.”

In the following lines, I am going to give reviews for the 7 best brooms for the benefit of a customer.

1. Overall Best Indoor Broom for Sand, Dust Mop, Hair and Hardwood Floor

Product Name: Nine Forty Broom Set

To clean a hardwood floor, more specifically for dusting, mopping, or removing hair, you should use a special type of broomstick. Nine Forty is a type of brush that is very effective in work.

Nine Forty is a twenty-four- inch commercial cotton dry dust mop, made in the USA. It is include by cotton Dust Mop Head, Steel frame, and aluminum extension handle.

NINE FORTY USA 24 Inch Commercial Cotton Dry Dust Mop Head...

The Nine Forty is made of high-quality cotton natural yarn. The high-quality frame of it helps to rotate 360 degrees instantly. This feature is very useful as it can reach to the hard places where generally cleaning becomes harder.

Although, it is a lightweight cleaner, it has a long aluminum telescope handle which is almost 42’’ to 72’’ in length. Its cotton floor soft mop is safe for all floor types. It can gently slide across the floor surface.

Therefore, the handle of it can simply twist clockwise and can adjust to the users desired height. With it, faster cleaning is possible. Its cotton materials can pick up all type of dirt from the floor. It is a great flat mop for cleaning industrial.

You can check here Best Microfiber Mop Reviews.


1. It creates a stress- free cleaning operation,

2. This Nine Forty comes with a hassle-free handle adjustment,

3. It gives a fast cleaning,

4. It is a natural hand- sewn cotton dust mop,

5. This broomstick can easily reach any height.


1. No difficulties found till now.

2. Best Broom for Pet Hair

The rubber broom is a very essential cleansing product for a house. It can easily attract any dust or pet hair and remove all dirt like magic.

The Evriholder SW is a special pet hair remover broom with squeegee and telescoping handle. It is a natural rubber brush for quick pet hair removal.

FURemover Pet Hair Remover Carpet Rake - Rubber Broom for...

Furthermore, it comes with a natural rubber head that can easily absorb all types of Hair, Dirt, Debris, and fine particles.

It is an innovative and versatile cleaning tool. So it is not applicable only pet hair removing work. But its natural rubber brush is a quick solution for pet hair removing. The  durability is an another advantage of it.

This broom is a is a multi-purpose squeegee system. It has a 12- inch-measuring blade allowing its user to complete the cleaning work within the short time period. Besides, the floor squeegee system allows you to reach the top of the roof without the help of ladder.


1. It is a carpet pet hair-removing machine,

2. This machine comes with an easy bending handle,

3. It has a multi-purpose compress system,

4. The best broom device for hardware floors.


1. This one work best on hardwood floors instead of carpet.

3. Bissell Broom for Hardwood Floor- Top Class for Dog Hair

It is another great product for pet hair removing. The Broom is made by famous brand Bissell. Besides hardwood floor, it works a great on tiles, laminate, wood etc. hard floors.

Bissell Lightweight Tile, Wood Floor and Hard Surface Pet...

If you have dogs at home then this one is our no. 1 recommendation as it is one of the best broom for dog hair removing.

Moreover, it is easy to use. It has many multi-surface flexible bristles that can clean the bare floor and rugs easily. The rubber bristle can easily attract pet hair.
Furthermore, it has an adjustable handle. This handle can turn flexibly according to user needs.


1. It can easily pick up the dog or any pet hair very effectively,

2. It works very well on the wooden floor,

3. Its flexible handle is very effective in the cleansing process,

4. This tool includes pet hair broom instruction,

5. As it has rubber bristle, it can attract pet hair easily.


1. Few users thinks it is heavy to use.

4. Soft-Bristle Dust Broom for All Types of Floors

This soft bristle broom works as a multi-purpose cleaner. This type of broom can effectively sweep dust, dirt, lint and pet hair from both hardwood and carpets. A soft bristle broom can also use in cleaning windows, car windshields, and many more things.

OXO Good Grips Large Sweep Set with Extendable Broom

OXO is perfect for sweeping up large areas. It comes with an extra-large dustpan and a packed- size broom. It is extendable. After the cleansing happens, it can retract to its actual position with a rapid twirl.

Therefore, this broom’s bristles are very soft and kind of feathery-like which can easily attract any dirt. The dustpan contains many sharp edges to cut out grime easily. Its dustpan is very lightweight and locks open for easy emptying. This outstanding broom is perfect for any sweeping task.

Its soft feathered as if brushed can grabbed any dirt easily. It has large capacity dustpan for sweeping large areas.


1. Dustpan’s teeth can help to comb out dirt and dust easily,

2. Very useful for sweeping large areas,

3. It has feathered bristle,

4. The broomstick can extend according to the areas and cleaning requirements.


1. Un-Careful use can cause easy damage.

5. Multi Purpose Floor Broom by TreeLen

Brooms are mainly need to remove dust, dirt, pet and human hair from the carpet, wood floors, hardwood floors, tiles floor etc. The important fact is that a lot of broom are not perfect to remove pet or human hair. On the other hand, some brooms are not perfect for carpet.

In this case, we have to consider the floors type and select a tool. But do you want to select a multi purpose broom? It can be the Tree Len Dustpan and Broom.

Broom and Dustpan/Broom with Dustpan Combo Set,Standing...

Tree-Len is a well-built sweep instrument for any indoor sweeping task. It has a 54’’ long-handle broom that allows one to stand upright. Besides, its dustpan is almost 38.5’’ tall. It is a perfect broom for any indoor cleaning like home, office, hospital, or others.

This product comes with a front-facing tooth that clears out dirt from the broom efficiently. These teeth can easily remove human and pet hair.
It comes with a compact storage broom dustpan. Altogether, this broom is excellent at work to make the home and kitchen tidy and dust-free.

Their soft angle broom brush makes it a quality product that is not absorbing water at all, and it can give a long time service. Its long-handled broom dustpan makes it easy to stand it upright for a comfortable sweeping without bending it.


1. It is long handles broom dustpan,

2. A complete compact storage broom dustpan set,

3. This product has a soft angled broom bristle,

4. A perfect cleaner for indoor cleaning.


1. We don't face any bad situation with it till now. if we find any bad side, we will update our guideline.

6. Best Broom for Ceramic Tile Floors

The Ceramic tile floor is usually a kind of floor, which is very hard to clean when a spot and scratch deeply gets into it. In this case, an ordinary broom cannot do any best for cleaning the floor. Out best pick for ceramic tile floor is Fuller Brush Tile E-Z Scrubber.

Fuller Brush Tile Grout E-Z Scrubber Complete - Lightweight...

It is a lightweight, multi-purpose power surface scrubber and cleaner. It can easily get into any hard place where cleaning becomes a difficult task. This feature makes use influenced to put the name for ceramic tiles floor cleaning. Fuller brush perfect for complete cleaning, no matter what type of cleaning you required.

This product is a special kind of instrument that can easily reach any hard places. Its bristle can easily clear out any dirt and grime to that hard-to-reach places by boosting a unique V trim system.

It comes with a telescoping handle. Though the bristle of this brush is very sturdy, it doesn’t create any scratch to the floor at all. It can remove any hard stains by its powerful scrubbing system without creating any scratch on laminate and other hard floors.


1. This Fuller Brush can easily work away any spot or grime from any hard-to-reach areas,

2. Its handle can extend from 29 inches to 52 inches as per the cleaning requirements,

3. It can give a sparkling cleaning in a very short time.


1. Cons are not that mention-worthy to point out.

7. Best Broom for Laminate Floor

Mr.SIGA is a perfect cleaner for hardwood, laminate, or as tile floor cleaner. Actually you can clean tile, hardwood, bamboo, cement, stone, laminate, etc. all types of the floor by using it.

MR.SIGA Soft Bristle Rubber Broom and Squeegee with...

It is ultra-Lightweight. This one is perfect broom for both outdoor and indoor cleaning. It is very lightweight and easily washable.

The soft Bristle Broom is a rubber surfaced brush which easily attracts and collect dirt and dust from Laminate Floor. The brush width is 12".

Note: It will not only good enough for a laminate floor. But, you can clean all types of the floor by using its extendable telescopic handle and soft bristle rubber brush.


1. It is a machine washable product,

2. As the same pad can wash for almost 100 times, it saves money and an eco- friendly product,

3. It is a premium quality best value product,

4. This product is very lightweight and suited for any surface.


1. Not so much good for carpet cleaning.

Best Broom for Hardwood Floors Buying Guide

It will be a great checklist if you are searching quality broom, specially for hardwood floors. Lets check all important issue sincerely:

1. Check the Material of the Broom

Checking the material of a broom is very important before buying it. Definitely, one will buy a brush to clean up the floor. However, not all floor is of the same type.

Checking the material of a broom is very important because where a wrong broom can damage one’s precious floor, a right broom can brings up the spark in it. Therefore, checking the bristle of the broom is very important, according to the floor type.

2. Consider Your Task

Everyone should be quite aware of his task before buying his product. You must consider the type of job that you needs for it. Moreover, you should consider where you are going to use it because it varies depending on the situation.

After that, it is essential to know whether the job is large or small. For multiple purposes, you may need some different type of broom at a time. But whatever you need, you will find it from our suggested product list for sure.

3. Check the Quality and Size of Handle

Before buying a broom, everyone should check the quality and size carefully. Whereas a low- quality product cannot serve appropriately in a sensitive floor. A long-handled brush can be a waste of money for a small area.

Therefore, before buying your desired product, you must consider the entire thing.

4. Buy Broom According to Your Floor Surface

Not every floor is of the same type, you know well. Some floor is very prone to get scratch. On the other hand, some floor needs a power scrubbing to get rid of grim.

A tile floor will be lost its shine when a rough bristled broom is applied to it.
However, on a stone floor, this rough bristled broom can be the right choice. Therefore, to have complete knowledge about the floor surface is necessary before buying a brush.

5. Consider Your Budget

A brooms budget can go high and low according to its quality. The user must consider one’s budget before buying a broom. Because, whereas, on a regular floor, an expensive brush can be a waste of money, a low budget broom on an expensive floor can be a reason for damage.

What is a Broom and Why Is It Important for Hardwood Floor Cleaning?

The hardwood floor is generally susceptible to clean as any hard cleaning brush can create a scratch on it. We can easily use a broom to clean the hardwood floor. A broom is a long-handled brush usually used for sweeping the floor. It is a cleaning tool with excellent instruction for hard floors. The brooms are specially made of materials like stiff fiber, plastic, hair, or cornhusk.

In the process of cleaning a hardwood floor, a rough or hard broom bristle brush can leave a permanent scratch on the floor.

One must use a fine and soft bristle broom to clean the floor. In that case, horsehair, rubber bristle brooms are always considerable.

How Many Types of Broom?

The main task of a broom is to keep the floor dust and scratch-free. Nevertheless, not every floor is the same type to clean it with a single broom. For a different, kind of floor, there needs a different type of broom.

Considering types and other issues, we can divide brooms into a few sections, such as:

1. Soft Broom

Soft broom usually made from corn husk or grass and usually used to clean up any standard floor. Although, these types of brushes are perfect to use on the smooth surface.

2. Hard Broom

The bristle of the hard broom is very stiff, and that is usually made from coconut sticks. It cleans out the dirty floor or places where vacuum cleaning is not advisable.

3. Push Broom

The hard broom and the push broom are quite similar in work. Nevertheless, the main difference between these two is that the former is made from the natural process and the push broom is from plastics.

4. Hand Broom

For a quick cleans up, hand brooms are perfect. This broom has a shorter handle. That's why it is easy to handle using a hand.

5. Whisk Broom

The whisk broom is naturally make broom usually also comes with a short handle.

6. Angle Broom

This angled broom is designed for cleans up any hard to reach areas with its angular shape. It is especially essential for home use.

How to Remove Hair From Broom?

Brooms are usually used for cleaning any pet hair or dust from a floor. However, sometimes, a brush also needs proper cleaning. In the process of cleaning a floor, the hair sticks to the end of the broom. This dirt does not come into the dustpan.

One simple tricks you can apply for cleaning a broom. By bending the brush as flat as one can do, you can vacuum it properly. In the minor cleaning, you can also step onto the broom and pull the broom so that all dirt comes off easily.

By removing the broom head from the broomstick, anyone can also clean the broom properly. Another trick that you can apply is to bang the brush on a hard surface so that the dirt comes out easily.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How Do You Remove Dog Hair From a Hardwood Floor?

Answer: It is easy to remove dog hair from hardwood floors by using a roll of taps that can pick up all the loose hair from the floor. A quality broom can do it quickly. One the other hand, you can use a damp sponge that can take off hair from the floor.

Q: What is The Best Broom for Pet Hair?

Answer:  On the top choice or review, Bissell pet hair broom is a perfect machine to clean up pet hair. It is a nylon fiber rubber bristled broom that can allow one to sweep up pet hair. Any Rubber broom can be a perfect choice to take away pet hair.

Q: Can You Use the Broom on a Laminate Floor?

Answer: In this article, we already provide in details reviews. Check our reviewed Evriholder Sw-250I-Amz-6 and Bissell pet hair broom, both are perfect for the following work.

Although these two are special, you can use any products from the list.

Q: What is the Best Way to Sweep the Hardwood Floor?

Answer: The best way to sweep the hardwood floor is to sweep it with a high-quality microfiber cloth or by using broom.

You can also use a Quality Floor Buffer. But the cheap solution is always broom for sure.

Q: Is It Better to Sweep or Vacuum Hardwood Floor?

Answer: In the comparison of sweeping or vacuuming, to vacuum a floor would be the best choice as it could take out dust and debris from the most angled corner.

Final Words

Therefore, we usually ignored a broom as considering it as a trivial thing. Nevertheless, in our day-to-day life, its importance is skyrocketing. We use the broom to sweep the floor and takes off the dirt and grime.

In the market, there is various type of broom available. We tried to review the Best Selling and Quality product, especially the best broom for hardwood floors. If you have to know any further information, please feel free to comment below.

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