A proper gardening tool can save your time and satisfy you by making the job easier. So, before working, look for the best tool to make your work comfortable.

Dead leaves are detrimental to the aesthetics of a driveway or patio. Getting rid of them is all the more painful without a suitable tool like the blower vacuum cleaner. Today, there is a great variety of them on the market, with different characteristics and prices.

When buying the best commercial leaf vacuum, you should not buy the first one you find. But you must compare. To help you choose, we show you a brief guideline and a list of the best model.

This will make a choice much easier for you. Let's start!

The commercial leaf is just like an ordinary vacuum, but the leaf collection system is larger and greater. It is a gardening machine whose role is to pick up the leaves quickly and more cleanly.

This type of vacuum cleaner generally has excellent suction power to clean dead leaves. For example, leaves fallen on the ground, on the lawn, the garden path, and sometimes even in the gutters.

What Is A Leaf Vacuum Blower?

A leaf vacuum blower s a powerful tool dedicated to the maintenance of green spaces and roads. It loosens dead leaves and green residue to form piles. The collection of waste is thus greatly facilitated.

All models have a motor, a handle, a switch, and a blower nozzle. The best devices combine the blower with suction and grinding. In the various comparative tests, these 3 in 1 models are the most popular with consumers.

In blower mode, the air is propelled by the nozzle to lift dead and wet leaves easily. In suction mode, the leaves are swallowed by the device, shredded by the crusher's blades, and sent to the collection bag.

You can use a leaf blower for clean green waste, such as mowing residue, for example. This tool is ideal for small gardens as well as larger spaces.

What Is A Leaf Vacuum Mulcher?

A leaf vacuum mulcher or shredder is a machine that shreds garden waste such as dead leaves or branches along with vacuuming. Once crushed, this waste has, on average, a volume reduced by half.

Indeed, the shredder will be faster to clean it all than a vacuum cleaner. If you are also thinking of making composts, consider the blower. There is a combination of the two devices on the market with an additional grinder option.

Difference between Handheld Leaf Blower and a Vacuum:

A handheld blower "blows" dead leaves and small debris from the garden. It helps to group them into one large pile or several small piles. The vacuum cleaner "swallows" the dead leaves to store them in a bag that must be emptied afterward.

Therefore, suppose you only have a small area to clean with a few leaves dotted around the garden. Then, you can choose a vacuum cleaner. Its bin is small enough to accommodate a small area and small amounts to clean.

The choice is a blower when the garden is large or much debris and leaves to collect.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum:

The main advantage of the leaf blower and leaf vacuum is time-saving. Maintaining your outdoor spaces becomes a child's play. This very maneuverable and often compact machine is very easy to use. A blower can be used by individuals as well as by professionals.

In addition to cleaning the garden, it also clears the paths or sidewalks and clears the gutters. The various reviews also show that the power of the device is a significant advantage. It is also widely cited in consumer reviews.

The leaves, dry or wet, come off on the first pass. The collection of dead leaves helps prevent the obstruction of the water drains. Also, it reduces the occurrence of plant and lawn diseases.

Reviews of 10 Best Leaf Blowers for Every Driveway, Yard, and Sidewalk:

Within this list, you will find the best leaf blower options so that you can choose a model that perfectly suits your requirements:

1. BLACK+DECKER Leaf Blower: Top-selling Leaf Vacuum

We begin the list by talking about the best-selling leaf vacuum according to the users. We are talking about one of the best models on the market.

To begin with, it has an elegant design, and above all, it is very light. Weight is very important because thanks to its low weight you can handle it much better. In addition, it has a shape that will allow you to achieve quick movements.

The model has high power with a 12 amp motor. The blower can deliver air gusts of up to 400 km / h. This means that you can move all the blades effortlessly, even if they are wet, which is a plus point. Of course, that is the maximum speed so that you can regulate it according to your needs. Generally, with a much lower speed, you will have more than enough.

In addition to being a blower, it is a vacuum cleaner and a shredder. This way, you can significantly reduce the level of sheets to make them occupy less.


1. High power motor;

2. Multipurpose use: vacuuming, blowing, shredding;

3. Lightweight and thus easy to carry;

4. Can collect up to 16 bags of leaves;

5. Simple set-up process.


1. Suitable for a smaller area; can't work on a bigger garden.

2. Toro Ultra Electric Blower Vac: Best Ultra Electric Leaf Vacuum

Another model that will give you very good results when it comes to the best yard vacuum is the Toro brand model.

In this case, you can enjoy a tool with a power of 12amp. This means that the machine can offer you a speed of up to 250 mph, which is quite good. Of course, the speed can graduate according to the power that is needed at all times.

The machine has an easy disassemble system. So when you are not using the device, you can reduce its size and take up less space.

It has a bag that you can open through the bottom to depose the debris. Of course, the sheets shredded up to 88%. So, they take up less space and make the cleaning task much less expensive. As is usually normal, it has a small cable. Hence an extension cord is always necessary to use it.


1. Metal blades for improved shredding;

2. Bigger storage;

3. Maximum airflow up to 410 CFM;

4. 3 in 1 device;

5. Easy to set up, use and store.


1. Slightly heavier due to the metal blades.

3. WORX TRIVAC: Excellent DIY Lawn Vacuum

Do you feel the urgent need for a tool that can help you get rid of dead leaves littering your paths? Our list to choose the best commercial leaf vacuum can undoubtedly save you from making an unfortunate choice.

The WG509 TRIVAC from the famous brand WORX store is a powerful and robust vacuum blower. It will allow you to efficiently and quickly eliminate all kinds of waste, from blades of grass to pine cones.

It has a 12 amp motor electronically controlled using a graduated dial. Its free speed can adjust from 80 mph to 210 mph. Switching between suction and blower modes is done with a simple switch. The vacuum mode allows you to remove the debris, tending to become embedded quickly. The low speed makes it easier to collect the leaves in a corner before vacuuming them.

The large capacity of its collection bag (18 bags) prevents you from interrupting your work too frequently to empty it. More so as its integrated shredder can considerably reduce (by 1/18th) the volume of plants collected.


1. Versatile usage- Blow, Vacuum & Mulch;

2. Massive storage and considerably reducing capacity;

3. The adjustable speed;

4. Lightweight and easy to handle;

5. Single switch operation.


1. No shoulder straps and only-hand-held;

2. Shorter nozzle.

4. Toro Ultra plus: Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

You must have realized why we have another Toro leaf vacuum on our list. You are right- because of their unmatched quality and features. Toro 51621 Ultra plus is another worthy product from this brand.

Through this 3 in 1 equipment, you can eliminate waste from your garden very quickly. The model has a maximum power of 12amp, through which you can blow, vacuum, and crush the leaves without problems. The operation of the machine is really very simple. You just have to choose what you want to do and the power. Now move it through the right places, and you will make a lot of progress with your work.

If the air outlet is important to you, with this blower, you will achieve a maximum speed of 410km/h. Once you have finished your work fully, you can save it anywhere. It takes up very little, and you can even hang it on a wall as it weighs very little. It is an efficient option at a very competitive price.


1. Powerful motor;

2. Higher speed;

3. Lightweight and durable;

4. Good price-quality;

5. Metal shredder.


1. A mediocre-built switch, which is not very sturdy.

5. Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower: Best Cordless Leaf Vacuum

Do you not want to complicate your life with cables but don't want to use a gas-powered leaf vacuum? Then it is best to buy a model with a built-in battery like this one.

In this case, you will be able to enjoy a good blowing service with up to 21 minutes of runtime at max speed. And it has an interchangeable battery system, so you can change it if you want. The change is very simple, so it may be useful to have two home model batteries.

In this model, the battery is lithium 40V and 4.0 ah. With this vacuum, you can safely achieve great durability and a speed of 185 MPH.

The support is another of the strengths of the model so that you can hold the blower effortlessly. If you do not have a garden that is too big, this model will be more than enough. What's more, if you have a large garden, you only have to buy another extra battery, and that's it.


1. Cordless;

2. Hugh quality lithium battery;

3. Runtime up to 60 minutes on normal mode;

4. Six different speed modes;

5. One-button start.


1. Despite the manufacturer's claim, it runs out faster at max speed.

6. Toro 51609 Ultra Vacuum: Great Corded Leaf Vacuum

If you are looking for a versatile leaf sucker, it is good that you consider this model from Toro. One of the best and unique features of this model is that it comes with a cord-lock feature. So, it provides greater comfort and stability of the cord while using.

Moreover, you should know that its motor provides a power of 12 amps, making it a suitable tool to use commercially. You can use it in larger fields and gardens. Also, it produces a maximum air blow of 378 km / h. You may have already understood that it can move a huge amount of debris.

On the contrary, it has a collection bag for its vacuum cleaner mode with vast space. Also, as a benefit, it's easy to use. Thanks to the rapid switching between modes, you can adjust the power, which remains satisfactory even at the weakest level.


1. 3 features in one device;

2. Powerful motor;

3. Cord-lock feature for stability;

4. Simple and easy.


1. Heavier unit due to the metal blades.

7. BLACK DECKER: Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum With Battery And Charger

If you need a leaf vacuum for commercial use, our next item is just perfect. It will allow you to clean a larger area with minimum time and effort.

This model comes with a power of 12 amp, which ensures the maximum speed of up to 400 km/hr. This higher power makes it a suitable machine for professional cleaning in all kinds of areas.

The various modes of operations guarantee to eliminate all types of wastage. And the Black & Decker blower not only has this function but also acts as a shredder. This is a high-impact blower reducing waste volume from 16 to 1 to speed up composting and facilitate compact disposal.

Its lightweight design is ideal for optimal comfort and maneuverability in use. And the variable speed dial allows you to tailor the power to your task.


1. Very quiet;

2. Superior mulching ratio;

3. Higher motor power;

4. Most efficient stainless steel fan;

5. It comes with a shoulder strap;

6. Good product value.


1. Lower quality bag; wears out faster.

8. WORX 3-In-1: Outstanding Lawn Vacuum

We present you with a tool with which you can work with total comfort and without effort. This is because it has a low weight. And above all, it has a handle that helps in a much more comfortable way.

It allows you to crumble by 16: 1, which means you will have to empty the bag lesser times. Really for the price it has, it is a decent machine that worth a try. And also, this guarantees having been manufactured by the WORX store; hence it is an excellent alternative.

The bag is very easy to install, clean, and remove. As you well know, the important thing is to make the job as simple as possible.

If we look at the power, we can see how the model has a power of 12amp. This power helps to achieve a blowing speed of up to 340 km /h. And do not forget that this model's tube design lets you store it in a tiny place.


1. Vibrant orange-black color;

2. The mulching ratio;

3. Easy to use;

4. Higher blowing speed;

5. Comfortable use with handles;

6. Easy storage.


1. A little smaller than it looks.

9. Husqvarna: Premium Quality Leaf Vacuum

The blower model 125bvx by Husqvarna is ideal for satisfying one of the most tedious household activities. This excellent gasoline option has a displacement of 28 cc. This power is slightly less than other options; however, its power is just enough to do the job you need.

It has a two-stroke engine which has a power of 1.1 hp and 8000rpm speed. This provides the necessary energy to produce the bursts with an adequate speed: both to move leaves and drag accumulated garbage.

The Husqvarna 125bvx is considered a true all-rounder because of its high-quality construction and simple operation. It starts vacuuming everything into the bulky huge collection bag that sits comfortably on your back.


1. Walk-behind leaf vacuum system;

2. 16.91 ounces fuel tank;

3. 16:1 mulch ratio;

4. Both handheld and shoulder-carrying options;

5. Adjustable tube;

6. Easy to start.


1. Huge and bulky;

2. Smells a little.

10. Remington Ambush: Best Handheld Gasoline Leaf Blower

To finish the leaf vacuum reviews, we want to talk to you about the Remington brand. If you don't want to enjoy an electric blower, we highly recommend the Remington RM2BV Ambush. It is a well-appreciated model that runs on gasoline and has greater freedom of movement.

The engine is 27 cc of gasoline, which means that you can have good air power. It will ensure putting all the leaves in a pile and removing them more easily. The engine is 2-stroke and cooled to achieve better results.

It has an anti-vibration system through which you can carry out the work in a more comfortable way. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a machine that vibrates a lot and makes the job even more complicated.

The brand has thought of everything. Not only has it achieved a really, very lovely and attractive design, but it has also made it very light despite having a gasoline engine. So you can easily move it fast from one place to another without so much effort, which is to be appreciated.


1. QuickStart technology;

2. Higher air blow of 205 mph;

3. Works as both vacuum and blower;

4. Extended nozzle;

5. Two years limited warranty.


1. Not a great option for mulching like others on the list.

The benefit of Using Commercial Leaf Vacuum:

1. The leaves are collected very quickly.

2. This best models of vacuums offer outstanding performance.

3. You may found vacuums are easy to handle and ergonomic.

4. The autonomy of the thermal blowers is perfect for the best models.

5. Battery-powered blowers are very compact and can easily be transported.

6. It has a crushing function that allows debris to reuse in homemade compost.

7. This vacuum maintenance of an electric blower is straightforward and very fast.

8. It has the presence of a collection bag allows long collection work to carry out.

9. Electric models should be easy to start with the push of a button.

Different Types of Leaf Blowers

There are large categories of leaf blowers and shredders. Here are the details of the three fundamental technologies of this type of tool:

1. Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

It is the most suitable leaf blower for the demands of large fields. However, supplied with fuel, this type of vacuum cleaner offers better autonomy. Thanks to the absence of wires, your movements are free. The test of a 4-stroke heat engine shows a low vibration compared to that of a 2-stroke engine.

As opposed to, the leaf blower with the heat engine remains quite noisy.

2. Electric Cord Blowers

The electric cord blower is perfect for medium-sized yards. It is lighter than the other models, which gives it easier handling.

Less noisy than heat engine models, vacuum cleaners of this type are for use in town. They also can emit very little gas and are therefore less polluting than others.

However, the electric leaf vacuum has a glitch in terms of freedom of use. Indeed, it must be continuously connected to an electrical outlet.

It will work only for small lots or occasional use in courtyards in town or the countryside.

3. Battery Operated Blowers

The vacuum cleaners with an electric motor on the battery have the advantage of not having cables. Economically, this type of vacuum cleaner combines lightness and maneuverability. Very quiet, it delights the city customers during the use. Thanks to a quick start and easy maintenance, this type of leaf vacuum is accessible to beginners and professionals.

However, the leaf blower vacuum model has the disadvantage of having a relatively shorter autonomy.

What To Look For Buying The Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum For Yard?

1. Power Of A Leaf Vacuum For Stronger Performance:

The power of a leaf vacuum ranges from 1,000 W to 4,500 W. Electric and battery-powered models, for example, are generally limited to 2,800 W. Whereas gasoline vacuums can reach 5,000 W.

It is advisable to opt for a power adapted to your own needs. Are you planning to get rid of the litter of gardens and family terraces? The electric vacuum flights have power sufficient for these tasks. Do you need something stronger? Consider gasoline blowers, assuming their higher energy consumption.

2. Choose the Right Model (Electric or Gasoline or Battery)

Are you looking for a leaf vacuum that is light and easy to handle? A Lithium-Ion battery will power it for a cordless model, and its autonomy can go up to 60 minutes. This model will come in handy if you need to clean a small area.

To maintain a space of up to 2000 m2, choose a corded leaf vacuum. Once plugged into the mains, you can use it for hours. Some models are so light that you can handle them with just one hand. It does not emit much noise and consumes little electrical energy.

The leaf vacuum cleaner with a heat engine is often recommended to gardening professionals. Do not hesitate to adopt it if you have a huge garden of more than 2000 m2. The one with a 2-stroke engine is lighter but noisy and very polluting. You feel its vibration in your arms when using it. The one equipped with a 4-stroke engine is both heavy and bulky, but it is more ecological. Choose this model if you need a lot of power.

3. Capacity of the Vacuum

Some bags are dedicated to a specific brand or model on the market, while others are universal. And therefore, they are compatible with all leaf vacuum cleaners. A fastening system is already for its installation. For capacity, choose a model that can hold 30 or 40 liters. The goal is that you do not have to empty it frequently and that it remains light even when filled to the brim.

4. Versatility

The power of the blower vacuum is deploying through the blower, which gets rid of the dirt. However, not all vacuums use the same operating mode. For this reason, they are classified into three categories:

a. The blower:

This category is the easiest to find. It generates a flow of air that pushes the leaves together in one or more piles. You will still need to steer the maneuver for a better result.

b. The blower vacuum cleaner:

it is more practical than the simple blower. It eliminates the need to collect the leaves by sucking the leaves directly to a bag provided for this purpose. You just have to point the nozzle at the leaves so that they disappear. In addition, a switch allows you to switch from blower mode to vacuum mode with a single touch.

c. The vacuum blower mulcher:

it makes your garden clean by vacuuming and crushing the leaves. This type of vacuum cleaner is particularly reserve for large leaves. Indeed, it avoids the rapid filling of the bag by reducing up to 16 times the leaves' volume.

5. Ergonomics

Its ergonomics also defines the practicality of a device. In the case of a blower vacuum, consider the presence of one or two handles, the length of the tube, and the bag's capacity.

Also, consider the weight of your device for easier transport. Electric models are generally easy to transport with a weight varying between 3 and 6 kilograms. Thermal models are heavier, with a weight between 4 and 18 kilograms.

6. Extra Features

Some somethings could make your life easier when using your leaf vacuum. This is the case with a speed adjuster, an anti-vibration system, or a starting assistance on thermal devices.

And finally, make sure it comes with the right accessories: round nozzle, flat nozzle, elbow, etc.


1. Can You Vacuum Artificial Grass with A Leaf Vacuum?

You shouldn't use a leaf vacuum on artificial grass. First of all, it will suck the infill, and secondly, it will destroy the fibers. Both are an important part of a fake lawn.

2. Can a Leaf Vacuum Pick Leaves from Gravel?

Yes, they can. If the leaves are lighter than the gravels, you can suck them with the lowest power of your vacuum.

3. Can A Leaf Vacuum Cleaner Lift A Rock?

Again, yes, it can. If the rock or gravel is dry and lighter, they will come up with moderate suction power. However, it depends on the size of the rock and the power of the vacuum.

4. Do Leaf Vacuums Work on Wet Leaves?

Yes, they do. But in the case of wet leaves, you will need a powerful leaf vacuum as they tend to be heavy.

5. Will the Leaf Vacuum Be Able to Vacuum Pine Needles?


A lightweight leaf vacuum with an option of shredder will be the ideal machine to get pine needles.

Final Words

When buying the best commercial leaf vacuum, it is important to note that price is not everything. As we have indicated before, it is essential to pay close attention to the blower's characteristics.

And once you have it in your home, you will realize its importance. It is a tool that will come in handy to keep the garden always in perfect condition. It is worth the investment as it will save money and time.