Has your pet left “smell impressions” of urination or elimination on your carpet or furniture? It may the cause for you or your friend's undesirable experience of entering your house. Have you ever had an experience of bad carpet odor by entering a person house? It makes a very bad impression, isn't it? So, if your carpet smells bad especially for pet odors, make it clean as soon as possible because it not only makes a bad impression but also bad for health.

You can clean and refresh your carpet by using carpet odor remover. In this article, we should try to describe all things about carpet odor removing system. Moreover, here we are providing the list of best deep carpet cleaner for pet stains in 2018.

Best Spot Carpet Cleaner for Pets in 2018

Best carpet cleaner for dog urine

If you have dogs in your house, you should care about your carpet not only for odor but also for germs of dog’s urine. In this commercial life, you will find several enzymatic cleaning products to spray on your carpet. By using your carpet cleaning machine, use properly chemical-heavy cleanser to remove the stain and odor of your dog urine from your carpet. Here we include some information about best carpet cleaner for dog urine from our views:

Best Cat Urine Remover

If you have cats in your house, it cans ejection urine any time on carpet or any place. You may discover several methods of removing cat urine from carpet but without chemical and carpet cleaning machine the cleaning process should not be proper and enzyme free. We suggest you use pet carpet cleaning machine which is specified with odor removing authority. In the market, lots of particularized products which are identified as cat urine remover. Moreover, you should use odor remover chemical for perfectly removing odor from carpet. Some carpet cleaner is best for removing old pet urine; you can use this kind of machines too. Here we include some specified carpet cleaning products for cat urine remover:

Budget pet carpet cleaner

Best carpet shampooer guide to buy cheap carpet shampooer. Carpet shampoo machines are essential for proper clean our carpet. By viewing with every angle, we make a proper guideline to help you buy carpet shampooer machine and we will notice you if have any discount offer (carpet shampooer sale) in carpet shampoo machine.

You will find here the reviews of top 10 Pet Carpet Cleaners. We make this list by buyer’s review and comparing all pet carpet cleaner machines which is best to remove pet odors and germs. We hope it will help you to choosing your cleaning machine specifically for pets.

10 Best Overall Spot Carpet Extractor for Pet Stains

Please check out provided 10 best pet stain remover reviews:

1. Bissell Spot Clean carpet cleaner

Bissell is one of the most reliable brands in the carpet and upholstery cleaner industry. The model 3624 is very professional in performance. It is mostly featured to remove pet odors. If you have pets, you should clean the carpet regularly. When you have a professional device like Bissell 3624, it is straightforward to work for you. You will get all the things on it what you need on a carpet cleanser.
It is portable and perfect for both home and commercial use. Its long reach cord (four feet) allows you to move on your industry floor. It is most famous for its strength in removing spots, stains, and stubborn dirt.

Bissell 3624 spot cleaner is most powerful portable carpet cleaner. Portable feature and six-inch stair tool and long cord, perfect for clean any substance! So you can clean the stairs comfortably. Moreover, it is using to clean many more things like large furniture. You can go with it what is the hard-to-reach area. As it is a portable extractor, so it needs a large tank. Don't worry! Its tank has a large capacity and 3/4 gallon. So you can smoothly go far away between refills again.

2. Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Another masterpiece for carpet pet stain cleaner from Bissell. It has lots of fantastic features which will impress any tech lover. It is suitable for upholstery, carpet, rugs, stairs and also auto interiors. That means the perfect package in a single device. Even you don't need any extra car seat cleaner if you have a Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner at your home.
It is lightweight so easy to carry. The design is also attractive. Its tank can be filled and empty quickly. So you can clean anywhere in your living place. So it is best home carpet cleaner especially if you have pets in your house.

BISSELL Little Green Pro has a built-in heater with it. It produces up to 25 degrees’ hot water instantly which ensure best ever cleaning within a short time. Moreover, its three-inch tough stain removing tool makes it more powerful against the hard stain.
You can buy it for your home or commercial use. It is very effective against pet stains. It is specially designed to remove stains and soils considering pet owner.

3. Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner, 1986

Bissell is leading in the carpet extractor industry. They produce lots of models for a different purpose. Some carpet extractor is best for professional use and some are small and designed for home use only. All extractor capable to remove dirt and stain from carpet and upholstery. But when you considering pet stains, Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution is the best designed from Bissell.

It is best-designed extractor for pet stains. It has two in one upholstery tool, clean shot Pretreated and EZ clean brush toll over. Upholstery tool removes pet hair and odors from upholstery. Its cleaning path width is 11 inch. EZ clean brush roll cover helps you to take access easily on the brush to rolls. So you can easily maintain your deep cleaner. You can maintain it by foot pedals.

Moreover, it has a professional pet urine eliminator. So all things made it special and professional carpet extractor for removing pet odors from carpet and upholstery. Its express cleaning mode helps to dry the carpet within one hour. It has dual DirtLifter power brushes and heatwave technology. It works to remove embedded dirt.

4. BISSELL Pro Heat 2X Lift Off Pet Carpet Washer and Shampooer

Bissell ProHeat 2X Lift Off Carpet Shampooer is two in one 😉 Yes you will get two machines in it as deep carpet shampooer and portable spot & upholstery cleaner. Its cleaning path width is 12 inch. Its one of versatile convenience is lifting off the pod to clean the stain. So you can easily clean full room in a short time with it.

It is a fully professional carpet cleaner. Dual Dirt Lifter power brushes and heat wave technology makes it more professional and powerful odor remover. So it will dig deep into carpet fibers and remove ground-in dirt by loosening with it strong sucking capacity. Not only that, its heatwave technology will maintain water temperature automatically.

If you have Bissell ProHeat 2X Lift Off Carpet Extractor, you don't need to buy another car seat cleaner. It is portable and easy enough to suction the car seat dust and stains. Similarly, you can clean your stairs with it. So undoubtedly it is one of the best carpet cleaners even if you have a cat or dog in your house. It can go where your pet goes!

5. BISSELL Spot Boot, Spot and Stain Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

SpotBot Pet Hands-free Spot and Stain Cleaner is an automatic carpet extractor machine. It is another best carpet cleaner for pet stains removing and is a feature for removing pet odors from carpets. It has hands free spot removing feature. Another impressing hallmark is its automatic cleaning capacity. Yes, it will allow you to choose the automatic setting so it will clean with your walk away. But it will don't interrupt you to clean everywhere in your room. Because it has deep reach technology which allows thoroughly removing deep down stains. So you will able to scrub carpet, auto, car interior, stairs, low pile carpet with it using its automatic cleaning method. Does the carpet heavily stain? Don't worry. Its unique spiral brushing action will complete over 400 cleaning revolution which is very effective to remove tough stains.

It is fully professional against pet odor. The Microban antimicrobial product strength will kill the stains and fight further to remove its growth. You will get the 2-year limited warranty with it. So that, perfect package for you especially when you are looking pet urine remover.

6. BISSELL Cross Wave Floor and Carpet Cleaner with Wet-Dry Vacuum

Bissell cross wave carpet and floor cleaner come with multi-surface cleaning formula. It can vacuum and wash at the same time to clean the floors. It can take action on various kinds of the floor as sealed wood, area rugs, tiles, laminate etc. You can quickly clean hard floor by using it. One of modern feature "smart-touch controlling" will allow you to switch between cleaning area rugs and hard floor. Moreover, it has a dual-action multi-surface brush roller. It utilizes a microfiber with a nylon brush for pick up dry debris and mop at an equivalent time.

It has two tank system which keeps dirty water separate from the cleaning solution. The floor scrubbing process will be straightforward with it for you. It’s easy-clean storage tray makes the process more simplistic than any other method. It also has the natural remove brush window and removable brush.

7. Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner

Hoover has lots of carpet extractor, but Power Scrub is an expert on pet odor removing. If you are looking for a carpet cleaner for removing pet odors, you need to consider before final your decision. It has all modern features for remove deposited dirt and stains. This device has quick clean and heat force speed up mode. What allows you to clean any kinds of stains and odors within the short time from carpet and upholstery. Moreover, you will get back a dry carpet in less than 45 minutes (approximately).

We hope you will like it antimicrobial spin scrub brushing system. It helps to prevent odors from reaching in the tool. It has to rinse mode for wash carpet with water and soap. If you like to add some detergent, you can do it automatically with its automatic detergent mixing system.

8. Doctor Pro Deep Cleaner; Professional-Grade Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine

Rug Doctor is another famous carpet cleaner maker. They produce all kinds of carpet extractor. Rug doctor pro is renowned as Best Deep Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains. You will surprise by seeing its capacity to scrubs, cleans, polishes and deodorizes every individual part of carpet fiber. If you want to take the rent a carpet cleaner, it is also reliable than any other extractor. Though we don’t suggest to make lease because of it comparable so much costly. As like vacuum stroke, it has a feature to forward and back motion. This technology works for both wet and dry pass cleaning. It will remove over 90% of the ground in dirt and embedded oils from a carpet.

9. Rug Doctor Tough Pet Stains and Odors Remover

Rug Doctor Pro Deep carpet cleaner is a professional grade device with lots of functionality. Scrubbing every individual carpet fiber will very easy for you with it. It is lightweight so you can simply carry it. This one is 15% lighter than another extractor especially those are for rental. Moreover, its carpet-friendly wheels and comfortable collapsible handle for lifting make it easy to use and carry. Its cleaning path is 11 inch. You will also get other modern feature on it as vacuum strokes, forward and back motion etc. It comes with quick drying capacity. It means it decreases dry time and adds generous device maneuverability. It has 20% more suction power than any other ordinary rental machines. So you don't need to panic about deeper clean.

10. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack, Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine with Upholstery Tool

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack is specially made for the pet owner. It comes with the upholstery tool and carpet cleaner solution. Yes, you will get 24 oz. Urine eliminator sprays with it completely free. Its powerful scrubbing capability can take action all kinds of stains and cane clean soils. So it is perfect stains remover for you if you have pets in your house. If you want to apply it to clean stairs, cars, hardwood floor, furniture etc., the handheld upholstery tool will make it easy for you. It is most effective against old and new pet stains. For removing pet urine, the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro works excellence. It has 47 square feet platinum urine eliminator spray. So perfect for the pet lover.

Best Carpet shampooer for sale

Carpet shampooer is essential for clean our carpet perfectly. We know you know it, and that's for you are here. We hope our provided list will help you a lot. We made this list with professional responsibility. By viewing with every angle, we make a proper guideline to help you buy a carpet shampooer machine. If you are looking for a discount product, you can check the below box. We will try our best notify you if have any discount offer (carpet shampooer sale) in a carpet shampoo machine.

There are different kinds of carpet shampooers for cleaning the carpet properly. By using carpet cleaning solution or carpet shampoo in carpet shampooer/ carpet cleaner, you can easily get a commercial grade clean-up at home. It is the very easy method to cleaning your carpet by yourself.

Note: Do you know how to remove the odor from carpet? You should use a device which one is made specially for remove pet odors. We provided the reviews. Here we are providing some data more specially about the top chart of best carpet cleaner for old pet urine, dog urine, and best cat urine remover. Check all our reviews if you have pets in the house.

How to Remove Old Odor from Carpet?

There are lots of ways of removing odor besides using a professional carpet extractor and other liquid cleaning product. You should be careful regarding this sensitive issue. We include here top three tips regarding how to remove odor from carpet:

1. Whenever you discover the smell, vacuum the affected area properly. You will get the best result if you use a high power machine,
2. Use the carpet dry foam cleaning shampoo for clean and refresh your carpet odor. By using shampoo, your carpet will clean adequately.
3. After washing your carpet let sit for at least 25 minutes to dry. For better result, you can vacuum the rug to finish.

Some tips: How to remove Cat/ Dog Urine Smell from Carpets

Pet’s urine holds germs so we should clean it correctly. You already know about different kinds of cleaning products and pet carpet cleaner which products are expert as odor remover. But instantly we should follow some method to remove pet urine from the carpet. Let's discuss some general tips to keep fresh your rug.

1. Whenever you see your pets (Dogs or Cat) pees on your carpet, remove as much urine as possible,
2. Try to remove the stain and odor with an enzymatic cleaner quickly,
3. If possible, clean the area with a wet vacuum machine. It is better if you can avoid the steam cleaning machine,
4. For better smell, use baking soda-based air freshener,
5. Keep conscious and practice the possible ways to prevent this accident.

Some tips to select your carpet shampooer

There are different kinds of carpet shampooers for cleaning it properly. By using a carpet cleaning solution in carpet pet cleaner, you can quickly get a commercial grade clean-up at home. It is the straightforward method of cleaning your carpet by yourself. Let’s discuss some tips to select the best one:

1. Firstly you should choose a device which has a rotating brush. Rotating brushes help to get down into deep and remove buried dirt, allergens. Every device has not this latest feature. You should check it properly,

2. It will be great to select your carpet cleaning device by considering your house/ office condition. You should need some unique feature if you have stairs or pets in your house. Read review and product specification clearly before order your product,

3. Water heater on carpet shampooer increases overall cleaning power by using hot water extraction. So, will it a great decision to avoid this great feature?

4. Some carpet extractor is specialized to clean your chairs, car seats, mattresses, etc. We suggest you read product specification properly before buying your carpet shampooer and follow your purchase purpose accurately. If you follow it correctly, you should understand which device is best suited for you.

Best Using guide of a Carpet Cleaning Machine

It is always great to vacuum your carpet before shampoo your carpet. Are you do it? You can follow this. We suggest our visitor to do it. At the cleaning time, the most of the allergens, germs, dirt will remove instantly. After that, you will get the best result by shampooing your carpet. Advance technology makes our work very easier. One of the advanced features is asthma vacuum cleaner. It is made by considering which are affected with asthma virus. We suggest you test the carpet shampooer on a small area of carpet. It is the professional technique of checking the correct machine setting. Don't use overdose shampoo or other carpet cleaning solution. For removing pet’s urine odors, you can use pet odor eliminating shampoo. Rather than wait until a year for shampoo your carpet, clean it whenever you found an area getting dirty. It is must job if you have the pet in your home.

After shampooing your carpet, explore a massive flow of water at the cleaned areas. It will remove excess shampoo and will help to remove excess shampoo from inside the machine. For the better result, you can vacuum your carpet after dry.

How much comfortable to use spot carpet cleaner for pet stains?

Carpet cleaning by using carpet shampooer is straightforward things. Most carpet shampooer has two tanks with clean water tanks and dirty water tanks. The simple principle is adding water along with the shampoo or other solution and after the process; dirty water will pass through dirty tanks. You will need to push a switch to discharge the dirty water. If you use the digital device, you have to follow this.