Bissell Big Green Commercial bg10 Commercial Carpet Cleaner is one of the best-rated carpet cleaning machines on the market. It is also renowned as top-rated commercial grade carpet cleaner machine. Here we describe its Parts, performance details, users rating, and reviews. We know selecting the carpet cleaning machine is easy but we try to help you to make your buying decision valuable forever. That’s why we make different kinds best device list in every category of carpet cleaners. So we can hope our review of the product will help you to choose the best carpet cleaner as it can be Bissell big green commercial bg10.

What is Bissell Big Green bg10 Commercial carpet cleaner machine?

Product Name: Bissell Big Green Commercial bg10 Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Bissell Big Green bg10 is a professional carpet cleaning machine. You can easily use Bissell Big Green Commercial bg10 carpet cleaner in your professional cleaning workout as it has all upgrade parts and accessories. This is the main reason for calling it professional grade carpet cleaning machine. It can be used to clean your home carpet too. Cleaning the dirt and stain from your dirtiest carpet with the Bissell big green commercial bg10 carpet scrubber machine will be very easy for you. This machine comes in a promotional bundle pack with 32 OZ shampoo, GoodVac cloth, and free shipping. It has a powerful suction for remover the excess water from the carpets and very powerful cleaning ability with two motors. So you can select this one as your powerful carpet cleaning machine.

Bissell big green bg10 commercial carpet cleaning machine

Performance Details of Bissell Big Green Commercial bg10 carpet cleaner

  • Fast Cleaning: Bissell Big Green Commercial bg10 Commercial Carpet Cleaner has the capability to deep clean within the short time. Its built-in stain remover system is so effective.
  • Powerful Motors: Its powerful motors can absorb the all excess water from the carpet at the cleaning time. This carpet cleaning machine also has the powerful brush roll to ensure better cleaning.
  • Easy to use: It is really easy to operate. It has the comfortable grip and better convenience with round handle. Bissell Big Green Commercial bg10 carpet cleaner carpet cleaning machine can reach in the critical area easily.
  • Tools and Accessories: It has upholstery tool and hose for perfect cleaning. You will get a free box of this toolbox with one shampoo and GoodVac cloth. The Bissell deep cleaning bg10carpet cleaning machine can deeply clean your carpet.
  • Water extraction: this machine has a powerful motor for water extraction.
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We think Bissell Big Green bg10 Commercial carpet cleaner is best in commercial grade as it was listed in Consumer Reports as the Best Shampooer/ commercial carpet cleaning machine.

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Why you buy Bissell Big Green bg10 Commercial carpet cleaner machine?

You can buy this machine for many reasons. This carpet cleaning machine has 2 different motors. One for providing the upholstery clean and one for the brush roll. The brush roll provides a better cleaning process for the best cleaning way. This machine has a professional grade cleaning experience. This carpet cleaning machine can clean the carpet from the deep of fiber. This machine can clean the carpets odors, stain and all types of the dirty sport from the carpet. So we think it will fulfill your all demand. so this can be your best choice.

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Key Features:

  • Bissell’s this machine comes with multi-purpose shampoo solution,
  • It has two different tanks for the easy cleaning process. Moreover, it has one upholstery toolkit, flow indicator etc. It monitors water level and solution level to inform you the refill time automatically,
  • This machine has two powerful motors. It can clean both forward and back side. You will able to operate this machine easily. It has Rotating Brushes.
  • Its dirt cleaning system is very powerful as we already mentioned this as a Professional grade carpet cleaning machine.
    Furthermore, this carpet cleaning machine has two tank systems which will give you the capacity of store large amount clean water.

Product Description

  • Package dimension: 23.2 x 26.4 x 13.7 inches.
  • Item weight: 45 pounds
  • Cleaning Solution: Included
  • Motor quantity: 2 motors
  • Others: Yellow detachable power cord available
  • Weight (pounds): 53.1 pounds in shipping time. Only items weight is 45 pounds.
  • Tank Capacity: This machine has a good tank capacity as it has two tank system,
  • Solution Tank: With this machine, you will get the convenience of the solution tank.

What We Liked

  1. Bissell Big Green Commercial bg10 works both in forward and backward,
  2. Large water tank, long power cord etc,
  3. Different tank for store clean and dirty water,
  4. Decent suction capacity,
  5. Deep cleaning power beneath the cover,
  6. Multipurpose shampoo solution,
  7. Durability and easy maintenance system.

What We Didn’t Like

  1. It is a heavyweight carpet cleaner,
  2. You may consider using on the hard floor surface,
  3. 1-year warranty. It might be 5 years as a commercial machine,
  4. It is a little bit expensive.
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