Bissell Spot clean carpet cleaner is a professional and portable cleaning machine. It can scrub the difficult spots and drip from the carpet. Its 5 flex tube supports to clean the rug accurately and can reach any tough area. Most importantly, it is mighty to clean the hard spots of carpets. Its 5 flex hose can reach the corners of stairs, pillows, and other critical areas easily. 6 stair tools, 3 hard stain tool, and 8 oz expert deep scrubbing formula make this process very simple with it.

Bissell Spot Clean Carpet Cleaner is useful and perfect for performing cleaning work. Considering all these issues, it takes place in our Top 10 Spot Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stain List.

We are describing its detail information, or reviews, what we like and what we didn’t like. We hope our review will help you to know every single detail about this great product.

Bissell Spot Clean Carpet Cleaner (3624 model) is a professional grade spot removing tools. It suits best for cleaning spots from the carpet. Not only from carpet, but you can also wash stairs, filling, and many more things with this expert spot cleaner. It can blow the spot, dust, dirt, and other odors from the dirtiest carpet.

This machine has long reached 22 power cords. So, you can reach an extended area easily. It appears including a 6 stair tool and an 8oz deep cleaning method. So if you are struggling with spot and dirt on your carpet, it can be your best choice.

Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner...

Performance Details

1. Professional Spot Cleaner:

Bissell Spot Clean Carpet Cleaner is a standard and professional class Spot Cleaner. It can eliminate the old and solid dirt from the carpet and other upholstery. You can also use this machine as Industrial Carpet Cleaning Products.

2. Long Reach Cord:

Its 22-inch long power cord helps to move the kit within a large area. Moreover, it has a 5 flex hose. So cleaning upholstery; stairs by using this kit will be very straightforward. It can reach a tough area easily where you will struggle with other scrubbers.

3. Scotch Grad Protection:

It provides Scotch Grad Protection to protect the carpet from future stains. This feature makes the product more potent in the cleaning action.

4. Superior Suction:

Sucking power from the dirty carpet indicates the power of the carpet scrubbing machine. It has a powerful vacuum suction. Its scrubbing action amazed us, and we hope you will not face any difficulty with it.

5. 6 inch Stair Tool:

Its 6 stair tool helps to clean the stair properly. This machine has 3 robust stain tools for better clean.

6. Cleans Multiple Surfaces:

By the side of the carpet, it can clean spot and stain from many upholstery, stairs, etc. It is designed to clean all possible tough areas. This machine can wash all types of floor surfaces.

7. Large Tank Capacity:

This device has an extensive capacity tank system. The large tank capacity is one of the significant advantages.

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Why You Buy Bissell 3624 Spot Cleaner?

Though it is a specialist in spot cleaning, you can do lots of essential work with this one. You can use it for not only spot cleaning but also different types of work.

Key Features

  • This device has a 22-inch power fiber/ cord and 5 flex hose for better cleaning:
  • This machine can move in any difficult area,
  • It has three massive stair tool, and 8oz acknowledged deep scrubbing formula,
  • Its long power cord helps to move the carpet cleaning machine anywhere,
  • This carpet cleaning machine has a cleaning solution for professional cleaning result,
  • This machine has a design to easily clean carpet, other upholstery, stairs, and all tough area.

Product Description

  1. Package dimension: 10 x 14 x 14 inches.
  2. Item weight: 17 pounds.
  3. Tank capacity: 3 to 4 gallon
  4. Power Rating: 5.7 amps
  5. Heater technology: Well
  6. The formula included: Spot, stain, and oxy formula.
  7. Surface types: Carpet, Upholstery, Area Rugs, Auto Interiors.
  8. Professional tool: 6-inch stair tool.
  9. Power cord: a 22-inch power cord.
  10. Stain tool: 3 robust stain tool.
  11. Flex Hose size: 5 feet.


  • Long power cord (22-inch) and five flex hose,
  • Professional in spot cleaning,
  • Scotch grad protection,
  • Large Tank Capacity,
  • Powerful suction capability.
  • Cons

  • Some users object they didn’t review any user manual or instruction paper,
  • The hose at the handle breaks easily.
  • FAQ

    a) Can I Use This for Autos?

    Answer: Yes, you can use it for your autos. The product is multifunctional, and that’s why it is easy to use for serving various purposes.

    b) Does the Brush of This Machine Rotate?

    Answer: Sorry. It doesn’t. But it wills not a big issue to work with it. Moreover, it is not so much essential if you are looking a kit for home use.

    c) Would This Work Well to Clean, the Entire Bed?

    Answer: You can clean your microfiber couch. But you should care about the water or solution.

    d) Will I Need Cleaning Solution?

    Answer: It works fine without a liquid solution. But you can use a cleaning solution for better hygiene issues. Liquid soap can speed up the cleaning process.

    e) Is it a Steam Cleaner?

    Answer: No, it is not a steam cleaner. It is a hot water extractor and sprays hot water to complete the clean up the process.


    By following the overall performance, you can buy Bissell Spot Clean carpet cleaner as your professional spot cleaner. We have tried to provide all the details about the kit. You may have a specific question. We always welcome you. Comment below and we will reply to your query as soon as possible.