The Carpet cleaner is such a machine which can extract dirt, strains from different items without doing any damage. With a carpet cleaner, it becomes effortless to clean the car seat, stairs, upholstery, and many more things. It helps them to last long and stay like a new one for a long time. But the question is, can you use a carpet cleaner on tile floors?

We can answer the question in a single line. But we think we have to explain. Actually, there is a different question on these topics. Bissell user asks can I use a Bissell carpet cleaner on tile floors. Similarly, Hoover user asks can they use the device on a hardwood or tiles floor. This question comes in mind because a maximum of us don’t know how a carpet cleaner work against stains.

We will answer the question and explain how a carpet cleaner works. But at first, we want to describe what we can clean with a traditional carpet extractor.

As there is a lot of range of carpet cleaner accessible in the market. Advanced technology is bringing lots of unique features too. There are no persistent stains unable to clean with a powerful tool at present days. We can clean different items using those devices.

The five big things we are describing in the below:

1. Mattresses

If you have kids, bedtime urine accidents may be the reason for mattresses stain. Moreover, pet urine is also causes stain of our mattresses. If you have a carpet cleaner at home, you can use it to clean your mattresses. Our recommendation is to use feature pet stain carpet cleaner for these types of cleaning work. Check best pet stain and odor remover for carpet cleaners.

2. Car Upholstery

Do you have car seat stain remover? If not, using a carpet cleaner can be an easy solution. A quality device is perfect enough to clean car upholstery. Moreover, if you have a commercial carpet cleaner, you can perform it as alternative of feature car seat cleaner.

3. Furniture

It is very simple work. People frequently perform furniture upholstery cleaning workout with their carpet extractor,

4. Curtains

You can clean curtains whenever you have a portable device, and that is equipped with a hand tool,

5. Comforters

Again, your device has to a hand tool to clean comforters. You can clean spot from large bedding items. Sometimes it is easier than steam cleaning system.

Note: Some carpet cleaner has hard and sharp brushes. These unique brushes can remove the corner and narrow space of the tile. It makes confusion on our mind. We have to mind; whatever they have built, the ultimate goal is to remove stain from the carpet.

Will It a Good Idea to Use Carpet Extractor on Tile Floor?

Though carpet cleaner can clean the tile floor to an extent, we shouldn’t use a carpet cleaner on a tile floor. The main reason behind it is that as a carpet cleaner has sharp brushes and scrubber. It can take the shine of a tile floor and make it visibly scratchy and faded. In many cases, using carpet cleaner on a tile floor leaves a permanent scratch on an expensive tile.  This scratch is very tough to remove.

Before a more specific answer, let’s describe how a carpet cleaner works.

How It Works Actually?

Maximum carpet extractor cleans carpet, upholstery, and similar items by shooting hot water and cleaning solution into the fabric. The devices use brushes. Before extracting the liquid from the fiber, the device scrubs the surface.

The brush on the bottom extracts whatever liquids left in the fibers. Undoubtedly a carpet extractor can remove the stain, grime, dust, etc. from these items. But the metal pieces at the bottom can damage other surfaces.

It is also risky for the device itself too. That’s why you should not use it on tile floors or other hard floors.

SO the Final Statement: Can You Use a Carpet Cleaner on Tile Floors?

We are now well aware of the answer to the question. From the above discussion, we can say that a carpet and tile is totally two different things. Whether a rug is a soft or woolly thing, a tile is a hard and cemetery thing.

Cleaning a tile with a carpet cleaner is not a good idea at all. And someway can be useful also when it is with the vacuum cleaner. But to rely entirely on a carpet cleaner on a tile floor can create damage to a tile floor in the long run.

So if you try to apply it on tiles or any other hardwood floor, it will be a great mistake. We make mistakes if we don't know what ruined us. So to be safe siders, you can read the post about carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Best Options for Tile Floor Cleaning

We recommend using a device which is featured for tiles and grout cleaning. You can check a good guideline from here, Five Best Machine to Clean Tiles Floor

Final Word

Overall, it is not a good idea to match a carpet on a tile floor. Instead, there are many remedies available for both things to be cleaned up.  Only one thing that is similar to clean both carpet and tiles dirt is the vacuum cleaner. Only this machine can take out all the trash quickly.