Welcome to the carpet cleaner buying guide. Are you still taking carpet cleaning service? I think it is a waste of money. Carpet extractors are now easily accessible. That's why you no longer require hiring a cleaning company. Once all carpet cleaner was expensive. But at present, there are lots of economy tools. Although you may not get all features at once, you have to filter your requirement correctly.

In this article, we talk about 12 checklists. By following the rules, you will able to select the most suitable machine according to your demand. As it is a fixed asset, everyone wants to buy the best one among all.

Let's see the proper buying guide and checklist.

Some carpet cleaner is best for home use while some are best for commercial use. It varies according to tools and their functions. While some device has a well-built system to mix up chemical, some have not. As like the feature, you can empower the machine with lots of latest functions. Here we are talking all vital element and function properly. Hope it will clear your concept.

1. Rinse Only Mode

Rinse only mode is a unique feature. It uses for removing detergent from the carpet in the clean water tank. Traditional machines don’t have this mode. If we want to be benefited with the function, check before purchase.

2. Cleaning Path Width

It is another essential feature which indicates the number of sweeping strokes. It is imperative to know the total cleaning width capacity. For users to clean the large area with small efforts, high cleaning width means greater efficiency of cleaning.

If you want to buy carpet extractor for commercial use, check it twice.

3. In-Built Water Heater

It is one of the best features. I think you need the functionality if you have a pet at home. Most cleaning machines have to use hot water externally for cleaning purpose. The automatic built-in water heater will allow you to clean the carpet frequently. Please check it before buying pet stain carpet extractor.

This feature is also essential for tile floor cleaner.

4. Heated Drying

Heated drying feature is used to drying carpet quickly after washing. Some models have this feature, and it will reduce the dry time. Everybody will like this specialty.

5. The number of Water Tanks

We found the dual tank and single tank device. In dual tank mode, one container holds clean water while the other one keeps dirty water. It should have a bladder system for pouch separating the clean and dirty water.

6. Water Tank Size

Water tank size indicates how often you need to be refilled, but the big tank is not a proper solution for all purpose. Big tanks mean heavier and it is heaviest when a container is full. So, you should buy the best one according to your demand. The regular size has 1-gallon water capacity.

7. Device Weight

A bulky device needs a higher physical place to set it. For this reason, in this present time, many machines are coming with a lightweight. Some lightweight models come with 13 Ibis.

8. Cord Reach/ Hose Reach

Find out something that can be easily moved around your room without making things too hard. If the Cord/ Hose of your cleaning machine cannot reach easily in your cleaning place, then you will face the additional problem. 8 to 9 feet length hose is suitable, but cord length should be 15 to 30 feet.

9. Hand tools & Attachments

The right-hand tools and attachments broaden the capacity and feature of perfect home carpet cleaner. Most basic accessories are included in the price of the machine package. These features are essential, and it allows users to reach corners, stairs, and automobile interiors to clean easily on these surfaces.

10. Warranty and Guarantee

Most of the extractor has the 1-year warranty. Some devices have come with a two-year warranty also. You should read the terms of getting the warranty.

11. Product Price

Price is an always vital, and your budget depends on your practical purpose. If you want to buy for home use, your budget should be $120 to $500. But if you need a commercial carpet cleaner, then your budget should be more than $1000. You should select the tool by reading reviews clearly and considering your budget.

12. Customer Review

Reviews about brands, models, parts, and other specification read clearly before buying your products. Keep in mind that the machine is perfect for others do not mean that it is ideal for you. So read the review clearly and consider your demand.


Check the entire feature properly. If you want all the functionality at once, you have to pay a lot. We think it is unnecessary. Better you check all point and decide most required functions. Then you can summarize your necessity again.  In the end, you will find the best-suited device according to your budget and demand.