Carpet cleaners are used to removing dirt and germ from carpets and relevant items. Do you know how does a carpet cleaner work? It is an essential tool that helps to improve our house environment. As dirt & dust destroy the environment badly.

By using a Carpet Cleaner, anyone can clean his carpet easily. You can also take professional service. But they will also use a cleaning kit to complete their task. So, a carpet cleaner is essential. Let's know how carpet cleaners work.

We will describe the carpet cleaning process, considering whether you buy a carpet cleaner for home use or for a small office. Most home carpet cleaners (Small Devices) use the steam cleaning method known as hot water extraction. Another popular way is vacuum cleaning.

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Hot Water Extraction/ Steam Cleaning Method

The basic principle in hot water extraction is mixing detergent and spreading it on the carpet.

In hot water extraction, the primary principle is mixing detergent and spreading it on the carpet. It is a really effective procedure for deep cleaning into the fibers of the rug. Besides, it works fast.

A steam cleaner comes with the wand to push steam on carpet fibers. Hot steam loosens dust & other dirty elements. Some extractors come with a pre-heating feature, which helps you to dry your carpet within a short time.

In steam cleaning techniques, User spray cleaning solution or detergent on the mat and let it soak for about 15 minutes to ensure a better result. The cleaning machine operators pump water into the carpet and extract the element.

Vacuum Cleaner Working Method

A vacuum cleaner consists of An intake port, an exhaust port, and an electric motor. Other essential elements are a fan, porous bag, and housing. It uses the electric motor to clean dust & dirt from the carpet.

If you have a powerful vacuum kit at home, you can use it to sweep dust from any surface.

A vacuum kit sucks debris from the carpet by the suction mechanism. It uses the same process as the way we sip a drink with a straw. Whenever you run the device, air particles go forward. Air pressure drop at the behind part while the increase in the front aspect. It creates suction. Here in this point, by using the friction principle, vacuum cleaners collect dirt and debris.

Vacuum cleaners are very easy to use. Even the elderly can use the vacuum kit if you can select a lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners are very easy to use. Even the elderly can use the vacuum kit to wash the carpet & other items if you can select a Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner.


Hopefully, you have understood how a carpet cleaner works. We have described the two most popular methods in this article. A few more types of cleaners are available. However,  steam run devices and vacuum cleaners are mostly used.

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