If we don’t clean our carpet properly then we will not feel comfortable to use it. That's why we need to clean our using carpet following regular schedule properly.

Now the question is how often do I need to clean my carpet?

This depends on many things. There are lots of things we need to identify how often in a year or in a month and how many time we need to clean our carpet.

Furthermore, for our home environment and our health safety, we must know about the best use of the carpet. If we don’t clean our carpet properly, it can damage our carpet very quickly too.

Every work has an individual reason. We can clean our own carpet at home. Besides, we can also take professional service.

We always suggest you buy a professional device at home and clean your carpet at home. If you have not a different problem, it is the best decision and it will save lots of bucks. Furthermore, when you have own device, you can scrub carpets regularly. So the carpet will not be so much dirty anymore.

How often should carpets be vacuumed?

It depends on many perspectives. We consider three issues and give you a vast idea. Here we are writing our suggestion in bellow:

If the owner has children

If the owner has any children at home. The children spill a drink on the carpet or track dirt into the house from playing outside so for that the carpet fabric can be spoil. So we must clean after the spoil. If we don’t clean our carpet after that than the dirt can setting on carpet fabrics and can be damage to our carpet easily.

For keep our carpet clean and fresh, we should clean our carpet areas every six to 12 months and professionally clean the whole carpet once annually. If we clean our carpet properly, we can use our carpet for a long time.

If the owner has pets

Most of the people love to keep Pet animal in their house. But pet pees on the carpet and make it dirty. For keeping the pet in the house the carpet gets dirty quickly so as a result, our carpet looks dirty, or not fresh. So we must keep clean our carpet for our health.

For this reason, we should vacuum our carpet at least twice a week, and the carpet whole area every three to six months and we can clean our entire carpet twice in per year with professional carpet cleaners.

Seasonal change

Not only in children or pet combination our home carpet gets dirt also within seasonal change. When the weather turns change our environment also get change. For an environmental change, our carpet can go to be heavily dirty. That's why in winter or on a rainy day our carpet has gone most dirt in that season.

By our wet shoes, our carpet went dirt very much.  According to our professional carpet cleaners, the carpet if dirt by whether we must clean our carpet as soon as possible. Otherwise, the carpet can be damaged by the wet environment.

Final Word

Dirty carpet damages our room environment. For our good health, we should keep neat and clean our carpet. Best practice is to scrub the carpet using steam pressure machine regularly. It will keep your room environment safe and healthy.