If you want to preserve the longevity of your gun, you need to maintain it properly. Without proper maintenance, the weapon can lose its functionality. One of the most essential things in gun maintenance is cleaning the gun as well as knowing how to do so. People often get confused about how often they should clean their weapons.

Cleaning depends on the usage and the model of the gun that they are using. This article will help you understand the details about gun cleaning and some additional information.

Do you want a top-notch performance from your gun every time you fire? If your answer is yes, then the process is simple. Take good care of your weapon. Moreover, cleaning your rifle and maintaining it will ensure the gun lasts long.

The most crucial fact about gun cleaning is- guns are expensive. Still, gun cleaning isn't. Investing a little amount of money at present in cleaning the gun can save a lot of money in the future. As the old one will stay new, you wouldn't have to buy a new one.

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Disadvantages Of An Unclean Gun

Whenever you shoot with the gun, a small amount of carbon is emitted, and it starts to build upon the surface. If you don't clean the carbon residue, it will make the gun dirty and capture moisture from the air.

Eventually, this moisture will come in contact with the metal and result in rusting or corrosion. No one wants expensive guns to get rusty and old.

Note: If you own a gun that is already poorly rusted, check How To Remove Heavy Rust From A Gun.

When Should You Clean Your Gun?

You will be surprised to know the timings of cleaning your gun. Let's look at some of the details:

i) After Purchase

Most people start using their guns just after buying it, but it's recommended that you clean the gun before using it. In this way, you will get familiar with the gun parts and check whether there are any defects or not.

ii) Firing The First Round

Indoor or outdoor, wherever you test your first round, you should consider cleaning your gun.

How Often Clean Gun During Shooting

iii) Corrosive Loads

Many commercial guns use primers. When you fire any round having the primers on, it can give off corrosive chemicals, which are mostly kind of salts. These primers can damage the gun if not cleaned properly.

iv) Dirty Loads

Keeping your rifle unclean after a few rounds of firing can produce corrosive chemicals and reduce the weapon's effectiveness.

v) Going Outdoor

The environment elements can affect the gun, like rain, fog, mist, or any moisture. Cleaning the gun thoroughly after returning indoors is an ideal practice.

Few Gun Cleaning Techniques

There are some basic ways to clean your gun. Cleaning and maintenance are equally crucial for firearms. Some of the techniques of maintaining and cleaning are discussed below:

a. Lubricant

Lubricants are used in guns so that it does not rust. This prevents friction between different parts of the weapon. You can use a brush or just a disposable cloth to spread the oil on the bolts and bores.

Be careful not to put access oil, which can attract more dirt and grime. Also, ensure you are using an even coat on all the parts.

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b. Patches

There are no suitable alternative products that can perform a better job than cotton or microfiber patches. It is cheap, easy to use, does the job of cleaning the buildups, removes access lubricant, and removes any extra moisture.

Although you can use a regular cloth to wipe your gun, it won't give you the best result. Ensure buying lint-free, highly absorbent Gun Cleaning Patches for the optimum work.

c. Bore Snakes

A Bore Snake is one kind of rope. It has a metal part attached at the end to weigh it down. The metal part is usually made of bronze.

Firstly you have to insert the metal part inside the barrel. The metal will weigh down the rope and pull it back to the other side of the gun.

You have to tilt the gun slightly to help the metal slide down and come out from the other part. Then you have to keep pulling the metal part until the whole bore snake comes out of the gun.

For getting the best result, you have to repeat the same process 3 to 4 times. The bore snake will wipe up the dirt, leaving the inside of the gun squeaky clean.

d. Gun Cleaning Kit

Buying and keeping all the cleaning tools organized in one place can be a bit challenging. This is why some people purchase a cleaning kit set. These kits come in a handy box, which includes several types of cleaning tools.

From brushes to patches, solvents, brass rods, muzzle guards, swabs, lubricant oils, and everything in between, all items are there.

One cleaning kit can have up to 60 pieces of tools. There may be some extra tools that may not be required for the type of gun you use, so it's best if you do a bit of research before buying one.

e. Ultrasonic Cleaner

It is getting popular day by day. An ultrasonic device is a perfect cleaning machine. It can clean any kind of rust from any individual parts as well as the whole rifle at once. Check more details about Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner.

Essential Question: How Often To Clean Guns?

The frequency of cleaning the gun depends on the type of gun you are using and the amount of time you used it.

If you are using a rifle, then you should clean the gun after every round of fire. Again if you are using a hunting firearm, chances are you will be in close contact with moisture, dirt, rain, snow, etc. So you must clean the gun after every hunt ends.

For range shooters cleaning it after every 250-300 fire is enough. Whereas for the people who don't use the gun regularly, only uses it for safety purpose, it's recommended that they should clean the gun every two weeks.

How Often to Clean Gun

How Often Should I Clean Unused Gun?

You may think you don't need to clean your gun if you haven't ever even taken it out from the case. Thinking so will result in corrosion spots, rusting, and poor performance. Wherever you put it, some amount of dust and moisture will be there.

It's best to clean your unused gun at least twice a year.

How Often Should You Clean Unused Gun

Few Safety Tips During Gun Cleaning Time

Guns can get dangerous if not handled carefully. Always make sure you are not pulling the trigger of a loaded weapon while cleaning it. Ensure a clean and well-ventilated place as inhaling the cleaning chemicals can harm your health. Wear safety gear like eye protection and gloves.

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You shouldn't only worry about how often you should clean your gun. There are other things to look at if you want your expensive weapon to have a longer life.

After all the cleaning is done, you should be keeping it safe in a case, in such a room where you can keep the moisture and dust in the minimum level. Moreover, you can use some drying agents like Hyskore silica gel to prevent rusting. Wish you a safe and sound experience with your precious gun.