Jewelry is a beautiful thing, and it makes us more elegance! Every person acquires happy to wear jewelry. Besides gold, diamond, pearl, etc. precious metal, costume jewelry is trending in our modern fashion. Nowadays, both male and female wear costume jewelry. Although they are comparably cheap, we need to take of these properly. In this article, we are going to describe how to clean costume jewelry properly.

Well, the gold costume jewelry is such a kind of jewelry, which seems like a gold piece. Gold jewelry is impressive and fascinating. They have various attractive designs too. Most of people like to wear gold or diamond jewelry. But both are precious in cost.

That’s why people don’t want to wear gold or diamond regularly. Costume jewelry is helpful in this issue. They are made of silver-plated brass, sterling silver, nickel or other metal.

The gold is used as a coating plate. These ornaments are typically cheap; that’s why it is easily affordable at all. It is most famous as everyday fashion ornaments.

Why Gold Costume Jewelry Gets Tarnish?

After long day wear, the costume jewelry can be tarnished quickly! However, there is some common reason for the issue! The gold base of costume jewelry is most commonly copper, and sometimes steel.

Therefore, when it gets in the touch of water, sweat, or heats, gold lost its shine. For its chemical reaction with sweat and dust, the gold turned into black or dark brown color, and the gold layer destroyed slowly. So you can easily understand the next steps as the 2nd layer is non-valuable material.

The Effective Methods of Cleaning Tarnished Gold Costume Jewelry

We already know that people mostly choose these types of jewelry for their daily use. As they can be tarnished easily, we have to clean it properly. It is the only process to having your costume jewelry for the last longer.

Let’s check a few useful methods of cleaning:

Washing Costume Jewelry with Baby Shampoo

It is effortless and necessary cleaning process. Cleaning costume or other kinds of jewelry by using baby shampoo is safe, but it doesn’t work against the hard stain. The process is straightforward. You have to add a tiny amount of baby shampoo with water. Then you can use a soft cloth to rub it. Instead of fabric, soft brush is also applicable.

Important Note

Whatever the method you want to follow, you have to inspect the quality of plating before start cleaning. It is very crucial. Each jewelry piece is different; some have gemstone; some have pearl or many shades. If a gemstone is getting in the touch of water, the glue of it lost its strength and got loosen over time. So, keep attention on the inspecting before clean the gold custom jewelry!

By Using Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a common but less problematic solution to clean any jewelry. It can get back the shine of the ornaments. Besides, toothpaste is used through a soft toothbrush by rubbing it on the jewelry. At first, you have to take a Q-tip or a toothbrush. Put the toothpaste on the dark spot, wait a few minutes, and then scrub the surface by using a toothbrush.

Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that the toothbrush is using in the jewelry has to be new and soft. If you use an old brush, it may transfer chemical-like material to the jewelry that can damage the jewelry. However, a brush and toothpaste can clean jewelry’s crevices around a gemstone.

By Using Natural Elements

Nothing compares to the natural bleach like a lemon. Rubbing a small amount of lemon juice on the jewelry can be a great idea. Lemon juice has strong acidic acid, which can clean the dirt and dark patches of the jewelry and makes it shine like a newer one!

Another natural element can be Vinegar. This process is also easy. Take Vinegar mixed water and soaking the ornaments in the mixture. It can be very useful to clean other jewelry too. But you need to use a soft toothbrush or polishing cloth in this method. The process can be helpful as it doesn’t let cracks happen in the jewelry.

You can also use another thing, which works like magic, and this is olive oil. Olive oil returned the shine of the jewelry, but one must make sure that the oiliness of the jewelry is clean well.

Alcohol also can clean our tarnish jewelry. A bottle of alcohol creates magic on the tarnished gold and silver. However, just need to soak the jewel into the mixture for some minute.

By Using Professional Cleaning Kit

Jewelry cleaner is the fastest cleaning method. Many people often use ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to clean most types of jewelry. However, one must keep in mind that, before applying ultrasonic cleaner on costume jewelry, it would be a wise idea to read about the precaution and rules of it.

Final Words

Therefore, no matter what technique we are going to apply. One must keep in mind that after complete the cleaning process; you have to rinse the jewelry thoroughly with water. After cleaning just check that, no watery liquid stay there.

However, though there are many techniques to clean tarnished gold costume jewelry always prevention is better than cure. If you take good care of the costume gold material by not getting it in the touch of water, hit, and sweat.