We are as guilty as you are, watching videos of pressure washing for hours. Isn't it oddly so relaxing? As impressive as it looks, it's quite useful as well. You can clean almost anything with it.

If you have a pressure washer kit at home, you can clean your pool ties with it comfortably. We will discuss How to Clean Pool Tile with a Pressure Washer throughout this article.

A pool tile turns faded with time because of dirt & grimes. We will discuss how you can get rid of this problem with minimal effort.

For whatever reason you are cleaning your pool tile, you must make some arrangements before starting the actual job. We have described the steps of pool tile cleaning for your understanding.

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a. Discard All Water from The Pool

At first, you have to discard all water from the pool. If you do not drain all the water before you start working, the cleaning's effectiveness will not be up to the mark. So, you must have to do it in an eco-friendly manner.

b. Remove Plants, Dust, Leaves, etc.

The cleaning will be a lot easier if you remove the plants, dust, dirt, leaves, etc. out from the pool before using a pressure washer. You may use a handheld skimmer or a large broom to do the task.

c. Move A Side of All Decorations or Pool Side Furniture

You must move any types of furniture and decorations that is near to the pool. Otherwise, these can get damaged or broken. You can cover the furniture that is fixed on the spot or too heavy to move.

d. Buy a Suitable Pressure

Choosing a pressure washer is a very important part of the process because it is your primary weapon. It is a perfect pool tile cleaning equipment. If you are not a heavy user, you may want to consider hiring one. But if you plan to use the pressure washer regularly, you should buy one.

Your pressure washer should have at least 2000 PSI to 2600 PSI. The pressure washer should heat the water at least 300 degrees Fahrenheit so that whatever you clean gets sanitized.

Note: A pressure washer is a perfect device to scrub pool tiles. But if you have Tile and Grout Cleaning Machine For Home Use, you can also use it. Otherwise, buy the Best Suction Pool Cleaner for professional cleaning.

Let's See How to Clean Pool Tile with Pressure Washer in Details

Now that everything is set, let's start our actual task.

i) Apply Soap or Detergent Mixture to the Pool Surface

Thoroughly apply soap or detergent mixture all over the pool surface. Try to use the soapy water evenly all over the pool tile to avoid any spot being uncleaned.

ii) Let the Soap Seat There for Some Time

Once you have covered all the area with soapy water, you should wait for about 5 minutes. In the meantime, the detergent will loosen up the dirt and prepare the surface to clean.

Do not let any area get dried out. Reapply soapy water on the area if it gets dry.

iii) Choose the Correct Nozzle

There are different types of nozzles for different purposes. Do not go for the most concentrated one. Instead, start with the widest degree nozzle you have. A 45-degree nozzle will do the job correctly. Be careful not to use the needlepoint tips as it may damage the pool surface.

iv) Switch the Nozzle

To wipe out the soapy water, you have to change the nozzle to a low-pressure one. Water the area wherever you have put the soapy water previously. This will make your job way more comfortable.

v) Start Pressure Washing

Now it's the most fun part of the job! Pressure washing. Set your machine to 2600 PSI and start spraying the water. To scrape out any stubborn dirt, turn up the water heater to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use the spray gun to reach out every corner of the pool tiles. Hold the wand very carefully and spray out the water.

vi) Repeat the Steps If Necessary

If there is still some debris left on the tiles, don't get freaked out. Apply the soapy water just like the way you did it previously and wait for some time. Let the detergent soak the tiles. Then rinse it with the machine once again.

Some Things to Remember

It may look like an easy job to do, but you must maintain some things with a powerful machine.

Be Careful with The Pressure

Yes, we get it. It's kind of impossible to resist the temptation to use the pressure at its maximum capacity. But this mistake can highly damage your pool tiles.

Always try to start with the lowest pressure and gradually increase the pressure. We would recommend starting with a 2000 PSI pressure.

Maintain 3 Feet Distance

Make sure you are maintaining 3 feet distance from the surface you are spraying. Pressure washers can be dangerous if not handled properly. As these machines shoot water in concentrated high-pressure, things can get messy quickly.

Stop Spraying After 30 Seconds

Even if you are using low pressure, do not spray on the same spot for too long. Give a pause after every 30 seconds of your work. Even in the areas of sticky dirt and grime, you have to be patient. Holding the pressure gun on a spot for too long will damage the surface.


If you clean your pool tile regularly, there is no possibility of dirt. Once a pool tile gets heavy dirty, it will be difficult to clean and hire professional cleaners. We wanted to remind you of a pool tile cleaning tip. Hopefully, you understand how to clean pool tile with a pressure washer.

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