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How to Clean a Polyester Shaggy Rug?

How to Clean a Polyester Shaggy Rug? (Easiest 3 Step Process)

A Shaggy rug is a rug or carpet which one has a deep pile to give a shaggy appearance. You can use it to protecting your house from being dirty. The main difference with other typical carpet is comfortless. It is mainly made of wool with additional material. It will also reduce noise. In this article, we will describe the cleaning process of them. Mainly, how to clean a polyester shaggy rug?

We see its maximum use outside of the door, living room, and selective places where there is the risk of getting dirty. A shaggy rug will increase the beauty of the house.

But the problem occurs whenever it got dirty too early. If you use it, you know it. We cannot avoid it. Better cleaning it properly following possible most accessible way. There are lots of techniques to reduce difficulty. We will describe all most natural process in details. I hope it will be helpful for our visitors.

Few Basic Information Need to Know About Shag Rug

The word shag rug stemmed from its hairy appearance. It is usually made from a deep pile. Shaggy rugs are extravagantly beautiful, crazy, and classy to look for its uniqueness of design. A shag rug will create a pretty illusion in the home. But after using a few months, it can become a thing of worry for the house owner. It is more cause of concern when it is time to clean the shaggy rugs.

Few Key Points You Have to Know

1. In terms of professional rug cleaning, shaggy rugs are unexpectedly expensive,

2. If a shaggy carpet doesn't get proper clean timely, it can be too dirty to return it to the former look even after washing,

3. In a professional cleaning, the reason for it's taking a pile of money is its hardness to wash it. It takes a lot of handwork to clean the silk fiber of the rugs and to take out dirt from the carpet.

How to Clean a Shag Rug?

The question of cleaning a shaggy polyester rug is often becoming so intrigued. We don't use it only as a decoration item; it is necessary. People may consider having a fluffy cute dog in the home instead of a shaggy rug to increase the beauty of a house. But the matter is how to clean a shag rug easily. It is a burning question for the owner of the shaggy rugs.

In this matter, we can apply some tricks to clean the shaggy rug.

Few useful tricks are described in bellow:

Rolling the Rug Reversely

At first, rolling the rug and unroll it upside and downside. It can shed all soil from the rug. As in a shaggy rug, the fiber usually holds most of the dust and dirt. By rolling it upside and downside can usually help to get rid of primary dirt from it.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

If you like to use tools, our first suggestion is to vacuum the shaggy rug on a regular basis. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a brush. But it is forbidden to use hard brushes which can split the velvet fiber of it. Furthermore, it thoroughly damages the rug and makes its look old.

Note: You can vacuum only the backside of the shaggy rug properly. Usually, you are not allowed to use the vacuum cleaner in the front side. It will damage the whole things. By vacuuming the backside of it can shed all the dirt from it.

If you don’t have vacuum cleaner but have quality carpet cleaner. You can also use it. Check how carpet cleaner works.

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How to Vacuum a Shaggy Rug?

Vacuuming is the best method of removing dust and dirt from the shaggy polyester rug. But we already said that it is not possible in a normal way. It is a woolen. So technique you apply on the carpet or tile floor is not applicable to it. It has long shaggy fiber.

The long and deep fiber makes the workout merely impossible of vacuuming. In this point, a big hose can solve our problem easily. It can vacuum by get down to its root and suck the dirt from a deep point.

So we hope you understand what policy we follow to clean every corner of the shaggy rug by the vacuum cleaner. So you can buy a vacuum cleaner if you have shag carpets at home. You can frequently use it on carpet and other related products.

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Some Other Effective Techniques

A rug can be beautiful for a long time if it gets proper cleaning from time to time. Washing a rug is more straightforward than the procedure of its after wash drying system. It takes many efforts and times to dry it properly and brings back the shine of it.

Let's see few other effective techniques:

At First, Have a Try by Hand

It is the most natural process, and we all do it. I do it every day. You can also hold the corners of the rug firmly and shake it hard. The dust and loose dirt gone whenever anyone powerfully shakes it. By placing the carpet on the floor and beating it with solid sticks is also useful. At the primary stage, let the dust and dirt flying away with this very natural process.

Use Spot Carpet Cleaner

We mostly suggest a spot carpet cleaner for removing pet stains from the carpet. If you have a quality spot carpet cleaner at home, you can apply it on the shaggy rug. You have to apply it to the exact place where the spot created.

If you like to put a few drops of the solution, then the process will be more comfortable for you. Press the spotted area firmly, apply the solution, and let the solution stay for few minutes. It can weaken the spot part. Now use the device and wash it properly to get a clean carpet.

Shampooing the Rug by Professional Cleaner

Cleaning the rug is very important. If any method didn't work for you, you have to take professional service. You cannot keep it dirty. In this case, taking a shampooing service is the best option. If you know how to shampoo the carpet, you also can do it. But before shampooing the rug, it is essential to know if the rug is able to have some moisture in it.

But again, if the rug has the ability to moist, then the owner should hire an expert carpet cleaner who can apply the shampoo in it. They use professional carpet cleaner to achieve best output. After shampooing, you need to use a vacuum cleaner to takes the liquid, stains, and spot back.

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Things to Keep in Mind

Shaggy rugs are very delicate. To clean a shaggy rug, we should keep it in mind. It needs proper care.

In terms of proper cleaning, there is no matter of the cleaning process. It can be dry or normal extraction. One should notice clearly that the color of the rug doesn't get mixed to each or fades away by extreme wash. One also keeps in mind that a shaggy carpet should not be hanged in intense sunlight for a long time, which can decrease the shine of it.

It is all from us to the question-answer of, 'how to clean a polyester shaggy rug'? In reality, you can clean all types of shaggy rug using these tricks. But if you have to ask anything, feel free to comment.

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