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How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning

How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is a difficult task, but drying it in a short time is even more challenging. It gets more complicated in winter. Now the question is, what's are the best way to dry carpet after cleaning in winter.

Actually, there are a lot of ways, and you should follow according to your convenience. As we know, carpet attracts dust and dirt quickly. That's why even a stylish rug requires regular cleaning and maintenance activity. So you can buy a professional carpet cleaner with HeatForce technology/ quick-drying features. See a few Recommended Carpet Extractor For Commercial Use.

This is a simple tricks only. We will discuss a more professional way of the dry carpet after cleaning. Let's see How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning.

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It depends on different factors as follows:

  • Humidity,
  • Carpet fabric,
  • Carpet fibre length or pile depth,
  • Temperature,
  • Cleaning method, and many more.

All these things affect the carpet drying process. Concurrently, few things facilitate the drying process.

Best Way to Dry Carpet After Cleaning?

You can clean by hanging small carpets or placing them outside. However, when you have a long floor carpet, you can't easily handle it like the short one. So you have to follow some techniques.

1. Open the Window for Air Passing

Air passing can be a natural solution. Try to do air passing by open the window. The fresh air with low humidity will speed up the process of drying. Natural air is best for any type of carpet fabric. Also, if there is any odor left after cleaning, fresh air will remove that.

2. Turn On the Fans

If somehow you cannot open the window, turn on the fans. You can simultaneously open windows and turn on fans for a faster result unless it's a rainy day. If you have a ceiling fan right above the carpet, this will be better. It'll create an entire funnel of air to dry your carpet quicker.

3. Turn-on Air Conditioner

The air conditioner also works fine to make the drying process faster. It is suitable for rainy and winters when you cannot get fresh air. Though air conditioners cannot make fresh air like fans, it's the best alternative.

4. Use the Vacuum Cleaner to Remove Excess Water

You can remove excess water from the carpet by using a vacuum cleaner! However, you can use a vacuum cleaner to dry your carpet. Therefore, don't use the regular home vacuum. Instead, there is some special kind of vacuum cleaner used for dry cleaning or wet vacuuming. Vacuum the carpet until there is no water remains in carpet.

Make sure to dump the water from the fill tank before it overflows. Also, do the same to dry beneath the carpet.

If you are looking for a multipurpose vacuum cleaner for the elderly, Check these Recommended Vacuum Cleaners.

Note: If you have a Leaf Vacuum Blower at home, you can also use it.

5. Soak the Water with a Towel

Spread a large towel over the wet area and soak the excess water. You may need to move the towel from side to side until it is completely soaked.

Then take it away and put another dry towel. Keep doing it until it is entirely dry.

6. Use Hair Dryer or Dehumidifier

The hairdryer you can find in electronic appliances in every household. Therefore, you can use a hairdryer to dry your carpet after cleaning. To do so, you need to point the dryer towards the wet portion.

You can also use a dehumidifier, which does the same. First, however, make sure to check the underneath of the carpet. Similarly, you should dry the beneath of the rug.

7. Suck Up With Shop-Vac

If you want more professional and most effortless drying, you can use a shop vac. It should have both wet and dry capabilities. This process is helpful when there are excess moisture is left behind on the carpet. But again, remember, if you already own a backpack vacuum, you can use it instead of this.

How Long Does It Take To Dry After Cleaning?

Moreover, we mentioned before, carpet drying depends on several factors. No one can tell you how long does it take to dry after cleaning. Depending on the cleaning process or surroundings, it can take either longer or minimal time for drying.

1. Varies On Cleaning Method

The most efficient method of carpet cleaning is hot water extraction or steam cleaning. This process is used for cleaning large carpets that involves heated water. However, it may take about six to twelve hours to dry.

Conversely, if you use the general dry cleaning system, it may take less time to dry. Because this process requires less water, so this is not as in-depth as steam cleaning. Dry cleaning usually takes between two to four hours for drying.

2. Humidity Effects

Humidity is another factor that affects the drying time of a carpet. Wet carpet requires adequate air to allow the water to evaporate.

3. Impact of Carpet Fabric

It somehow affects the drying time of a wet carpet. The carpet with human-made fibre will take less time than others. For example, if your carpet is wool-made, it will take 24 to 48 hours to dry.

Carpet fibre depth also affects the drying time. Like, a thick carpet will hold moisture for long and take a longer time to dry. Similarly, a thinner rug takes less time for drying.

4. Temperature Effects

The outside temperature and season also affect the duration of drying a carpet after cleaning. Conversely, if you dry your carpet during hot sunny days, your carpet will dry faster. Because it can quickly evaporate water from the wet carpet. On The Other Hand, it will much more time for drying a rug in the winter or rainy season.

5. Cleaner Experience

Though it is not as important as others are, it affects the drying time as well. Like, using too much water while steam cleaning can slow down the drying process. If you are not experienced enough, then you may not know how to remove excess water. Therefore, it can take longer than twelve hours to dry the carpet.

Final Words

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Carpet maintenance can be stressful only when it takes longer to dry after cleaning. Therefore, now you know how to dry the carpet effectively after cleaning. All the methods discussed above will undoubtedly minimize this kind of hassle. However, no matter which way you choose, your mat should clean more often. Hope this article helps you! If you have to know anything in more details, comment below.

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