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How to Get Algae Out of Pool Without a Vacuum

How to Get Algae Out of Pool Without a Vacuum

Algae is a fungal pathogen that inhabits any stationary and unused water. It likes water because it is easy for it to multiply in water and grow its population. Many people who don’t clean their swimming pools face this problem. We will talk about how to get algae out of pool without a vacuum throughout this article.

Algae invasion not only ruins the beauty of your pool but also makes it unhealthy, and you could get lots and lots of diseases. Does it mean you should break your pool simply because you don’t have a vacuum cleaner?

No, there are various ways you can use to make sure all algae eliminate from the pool.

There are three types of algae which include black algae, green algae, and yellow algae, all of which are not good for your pool.

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Lets know few tricks:-

Although you can clean it following different types of cleaning method, a professional cleaning kit can reduce your effort easily. We recommend to use a pool suction cleaner. By using suction kit, you will get a clean pool with minimal efforts. To know more, you can check the top 9 Suction Side Pool Cleaner reviews.

Swimming pool filters are conventional nowadays, and they work continuously, thereby preventing the buildup of lots of debris in your pool.

However, most of the time, you will see debris that settles down or attach on the walls of the pool.

So, always a contributing factor to the buildup of algae in your pool. It is essential to make sure you have an excellent filter that works efficiently.

At times the screen may be blocked by debris, you can clean it as well to increase its filtering efficiency. It would be good if you can install several filters to make you enjoy a lot.

1. Manual Brushing of the Sides of the Pool

Some swimming pools don't have screens and algae might be scattered everywhere. To make sure you clean it, get a sieve and brush.

Wear gloves and start by scrubbing the algae on the walls until it all falls. You can also use Flexible Vacuum Head for better cleaning performance.

You will then be able to collect all the algae using the sieve material. So, that you don't leave any content behind, always make sure you repeat several times.

However, you can remove a lot of algae at once.

It will make the pool free from algae but will not eliminate the rancid smell that will be coming from the pool. Therefore, you will get cleaned pool without using any skimmer

2. Use Algaecide Materials or Chemicals

These chemicals are generally multipurpose in that they can be used to eliminate algae, remove lousy odor and at the same time make the best cleaning of the water. You can use any copper metallic algaecide that is proven to be safe for water and also non-corrosive to the pool components like pipes.

You will require 16 ounces of algaecide for 10,000 gallons, and you should let your pump running for at least 12 to 24 hours so that maximum cleaning can occur.

The moment you have the chemical and its right amount, get a bucket, gloves, and eye wear.

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Wear gloves and the eye wear first. Fill the bucket with regular tap water. Add 1 pound to the bucket of 5 gallons and mix the algaecide perfectly.

Calcium hydroxide is usually the compound that raises chlorine levels and will kill all the pathogens around the pool.

As the algae die, it will still be in the water but not multiplying that is why you should turn on your filter and make it finish the rest of the work. Water usually turns cloudy after the addition of the algaecide in the pool.

That is the algae that have broken down so when you turn on your filter, it all becomes super clean.

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Besides professional pool cleaner, you can use your own made kit for cleaning pool & remove algae. For this kit, you will need a garden hose. Follow the process of Making a Pool Vacuum by Using Garden Hose.

Final Words

Algae is not healthy for you if it is in your pool. Clean your pool regularly and make sure there is no buildup of the debris inside your pool. Turn on the filter frequently, and you can apply the algaecide chemical after you stay for long without using the pool. Regular cleaning makes the water healthy for swimming, and no bad odors will be felt.

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