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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Hardwood Floors

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Hardwood & Wooden Floor?

Fleas can be a bit painful, and if you have pets, then fleas should be your number one concern. It is a common problem for many households with hardwood floors. If you are wondering how to get rid of fleas on hardwood floors, you are at the right place.

You can quickly get rid of fleas without putting in much effort and save a lot of money.

Many people would take professional help, but that is just one of the solutions. We will tell you different approaches that you can take to get rid of these dirty bugs by using things already there at home.

Before going to the article's main point, let us check some facts about flea.

One of the shocking facts about fleas is that they can jump much higher than any other insect on the planet, compared to their weight and body mass.

An average human being with the same jumping capability would jump around 295 feet across and 160 feet.

Fleas are considered to be insects because of their biting habit. People have the idea that fleas do not bite people. Fleas do bite humans but rarely.

Fleas mostly attack pets (dog and cat mainly), but their bites are not painful. That's why people or animals do not get aware. But after a while, an itchy sensation arises and irritates.

Tips: You should clean hardwood floors regularly to avoid fleas and other insect + infections. You may use floor buffer that's are specialized on the hardwood floor. Microfiber Floor Mops also good for regular home use.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Hardwood Floor, Wood Floor, and Pet Bedding

There are many practical and valuable ways to get rid of fleas. Some practical ways include dish soap, flea spray, baking soda, salt, etc.

So let's see the ways in brief:

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1. Herbal Flea Spray

Herbal flea spray is highly recommended, especially when you have children. Because these solutions have been made with natural remedies and controls flea naturally.

It is also reasonable as you can make it by yourself too. You will need vinegar, water, lemon juice, and witch hazel.

Follow the Ratio

a. 4 Liters Vinegar

b. 2 Liters Water

c. ½ Liters Juice

d. 250 ml Witch Hazel

Add these elements to a big spray bottle and mix it thoroughly.

Now it's ready to put the mixture by using a powerful spray on the carpet, furniture, pet sheet material, window ledges, wood floor, and hardwood floor.

Caution: You should vacuum your home surroundings appropriately before applying herbal flea spray. You should wash any sheet material/ cushions that could be invaded.

2. Vacuum Cleaner Can Remove Fleas and Bed Bugs Entirely

To remove the fleas, the vacuum cleaner is the best thing you can find. The vacuuming process helps to eliminate bugs from the floor, furniture, and bed. Any powerful vacuum cleaner can effectively act against fleas, but we recommend buying a specialized vacuum cleaner for fleas.

3. Treating Fleas with Dish Soap

Dish soap can be another cheap but effective way to get rid of fleas. To make the process effective, fill a bowl with warm water and add few drops of dish cleaner to it.

Then spot it in the rooms of your home, which get the most flea action.

The water and dish cleanser arrangements go about as paste, catching the fleas because of the arrangement's great consistency.

It would help if you rehashed this strategy with a new bunch each day.

To get success by this process, it should be led in the evening. This is because, generally, fleas are nighttime animals. It has been recommended that putting a light close to the arrangement will help this standard flea remedy.

However, this isn't prompted because of the potential fire peril a stripped, unattended fire can cause.

4. Lemon Spray- Simple but Effective to remove Fleas from Hardwood Floor

Lemon uses in multiple points of view around the house. It is also a decent home solution for insects.

Treatment using this regular solution creates a citrus splash on stained furniture. To make this insect splash, cut a lemon daintily, add 16 ounces of water, and bring it to the bubble.

Let the citrus arrangement sit expedite and fill a shower bottle.

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5. Use Salt for Flea Control

Similar to preparing pop, salt is an incredible regular insect home cure when joined by vacuuming. Salt goes about as a parchedness specialist, assisting with disposing of grown-up bugs.

Similar to pop preparation, salt is an incredible regular insect house healing with joining emptiness. Salt goes around as a percussion expert helping to settle growing bugs.

Treat insects with this common cure, take some salt (finely foundations best), and sprinkle everything over your rugs or carpet in every room. Then leave the salt for the next 1-2 days.

At that point, vacuum your home all through, discharging the substance in an external garbage bin.

Final Word

Here are the best possible ways to get rid of fleas from your living space. It is easy because everything you need to repeal these bugs can find them at your house. If you use remedies, you can save money by not buying expensive medicines. There is no need to take professional help.

Although, a professional kit as a vacuum cleaner will be easy to use. So if you find that these remedies are not working, you can go for the professional kit.

That's all from us. Now that you know how to get rid of fleas on hardwood floors, you can be a bit more confident with your pets.

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