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How to Make a Pool Vacuum Using a Garden Hose

How to Make a Pool Vacuum Using a Garden Hose?

Swimming at own swimming pool while enjoying favorite cold drinks – the best treat on hot sunny days. Owning a pool is luxury, which brings great responsibility as well. Like how?

After each swimming session, you have to deal with underwater algae and debris. These make your pool dirty in no time. So, it is very natural that you have to clean it regularly to keep the pool hygienic.

A pool vacuum is what you need to remove all these dirt and debris. There are lots of quality items to clean the pool effectually. Our first choice is to use Good Quality Suction Pool Cleaner for regular use.

Besides, you can make a pool vacuum using a garden hose by yourself. Here in this article, we will describe how to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose.

If you are looking for an alternative of Pool Vacuum Kit, it will be garden hose. It is cheap and easy to use. Also, it is the best way to go when your pool's pump filter becomes defective.

These homemade cleaners not only work great on large swimming pools but also kid's inflatable pools. Pool vacuum made with the garden hose helps to clean the pool from the bottom. You can take off all the dirt and debris without using a garden hose.

Note: There are a few more techniques to purify the pool by not using a vacuum cleaner. Check the article to know How to Clean Pool Without a Vacuum.

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Let's Know How to Make a Pool Vacuum Using a Simple Garden Hose

Here we have come with an easy way, and hope it will make your job comfortable. Follow the steps below to make handheld pool vacuum using a garden hose.

Before we move on to the process, make sure you get the following instruments:

1. A Garden Hose

Of course, a garden hose is the first essential of making a homemade vacuum. You may use a new or an old one. The length of the garden hose should be appropriate for your pool. We prefer using a 25ft hose for large pools and a smaller one for kid's inflatable pools.

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2. Vacuum Bag

It helps to create suction pressure. A vacuum bag prevents the dirt from flowing back to the pool. You need a quality vacuum bag.

Otherwise, the debris will likely go back to the pool and will make it dirty again.

3. Plastic Funnel

A garden hose tends to have a small intake port. It takes considerable time to clean the pool if you use it directly. So, it is wise to use a plastic funnel with a more oversized intake port. You may use a 500ml water bottle and cut it at a 45° angle.

Thus, you'll get the desired outer diameter.

3. Telescopic Pole

You'll need a telescopic pole to capture all the floating debris. As only a garden hose cannot collect all the floating debris from the pool water. It comes in varying lengths, so choose one according to your pool size.

Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Handheld Pool Vacuum

Step 1: Connect the Vacuum Bag

First things first, check if you have the right vacuum bag on hand. Now attach the vacuum bag with one end of the hose. Since the vacuum bag plays an important role, you should connect it properly.

Make sure you have attached it with the right-end of the garden hose.

How to determine the placement of the vacuum bag?

Well, you can decide with the garden hose end with a valve which fits the vacuum bypass.

Step 2: Attach the Telescopic Pole

The next step is to attach the telescopic pole with the garden hose.

One end of the garden hose is connected to the vacuum bag. So, the other end should be fitted with the telescopic pole.

While inserting the hose, you have to remove the telescopic handle from its leaf skimmer. Some handles include two pins attachment. So, it would be best if you lowered the pins to remove from the leaf skimmer.

In some telescopic handles, you may need to twist the skimmer to take out the handle. However, you'll find a handle hole in the pool vacuum. Now attach the telescopic pole with the handle hole.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to attach the telescopic handle with the tube. If it happens, use a knot to connect both tools. Make sure all the knots and connections are tight enough to survive the pressure.

There you go! You are done with making a pool vacuum using a garden hose.

Do you need a pool vacuum head? We have listed Best Selling Pool Vacuum Heads. You can check it.

How to Clean Swimming Pool Using Your Own Pool Vacuum that You Made by Garden Hose?

Here is a bonus guideline. If you are sure that your pool vacuum is ready to go in the pool, follow the instruction below.

  • Hold the telescopic handle firmly and place the vacuum bag at the end of the pool. Use the telescopic pole to move the garden hose slowly down the pool water.
  • The handles should reach the lowest part of the pool. Now move it carefully so that the dust particles get into the garden hose.
  • Pay attention to the places where you see more debris. And repeat scanning all the corners of the pool floor.
  • After some time, you will observe a decreased power in the vacuum bag. It indicates that the bag is full, and you need to empty it.
  • Take out the hose from the pool and remove the bag to empty it.  Remove the debris from the bag far from the pool.
Here You Should Check Another Important Guideline: How to Vacuum Intex Pool without Skimmer

Additional Guidelines

Congratulation! You have done with cleaning every corner of the pool. Now collect all the debris in a bin. Remove the vacuum pump and disconnect the telescopic pole.

 Also, disconnect the plastic funnel and vacuum bag. Clean all the tools for further use. Store them in a place away from any moisture to boost its longevity.

Wrapping up

As you can see, cleaning a backyard swimming pool is easier than you think. It is cheaper when you know the process of making a vacuum using a garden hose. You can now efficiently deal with the debris settled beneath the pool.

Note that pool maintenance will keep your family filth-free for years to come. So get your pool clean with the homemade pool vacuum and jump on it to swim!

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