Knowing how to clean rust from inside a gun barrel is essential to keep your gun in good condition. If you are a novice shooter, you may not know how rust can affect your gun barrel and your shooting aim.

However, without having the right idea about removing rust from the inside gun barrel, you may also end up damaging the barrel.

Remember, Cleaning Rusty Gun Barrel is not challenging if you follow the proper method. Here in this article, you will know how to clean a rusty barrel without difficulty.

This section will explain the five easy steps and the tools and chemicals you will need to clean a rusty barrel. You will also learn more about the techniques that are safe and effective.

Anyone can remove rust from a shotgun/ rifle barrel, no matter how bad the rust or how old it is.

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Things You Need for Cleaning Rust from Inside A Gun Barrel

There are a few things that we have mentioned on the steps for cleaning the gun, and they are

  • Gun Cleaning Rod
  • Gun Cleaning Liquid
  • Gun Cleaning Patches
  • Lubricating Oil

Remember: You can always DIY object that you made at home. Instead of liquid, you can also use vinegar or alcohol, but as they are not specially made for guns, you have to maintain the application amount.

Step-1: Dissemble Your Gun If Needed

At first, make sure that you have to separate your gun components if needed. Some guns are single pieces, so you do not have to separate the barrel and the bore.

Step-2: Start with The Brush

Whether you dismantled your gun or not, the first cleaning move must be with a cleaning rod and the brush. Take the Barrel Cleaning Rod and fix the cleaning brush with it.

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For the first time, you must keep your gun on a gun stand or keep the bore so that it is easy to insert the rod.

Then put some cleaning liquid directly on the brush of the cleaning rod. There are Hoppe's elite and a lot of other brands that are great agents of cleaning rust.

After applying the liquid on the brush, insert the brush inside the barrel and clean the barrel by moving the rod back and forth and cleaning by circling. Make sure you insert the rod from the back and push it forward through the other end.

Take out the rod, separate the brush to fix the jag for cleaning patches, and prepare for the next step.

Step-3: Use A Cleaning Patch

In this step, you must use the jag with the rod for attaching the cleaning patch.

Remember that cotton cleaning patches are the best one for cleaning inside the gun barrel. You can use DIY patches by cutting a cotton cloth into small square or round pieces.

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At first, you can use a dry-cleaning patch to clean the rod. Once you have cleaned the rod, attach the same patch with the cleaning rod's jag, and insert it through the barrel. Ensure the patch come out from the other side. You may find the patch a bit dark in color.

Remove the used patch and attach another clean patch. This time before going through the cleaning process, apply cleaning fluid on the clean patch.

Now go through the same process of inserting the rod and move it back and forth and circle it. Ensure your cleaning patch is actively cleaning the top, sides, and bottom inside the gun barrel.

Step-4: Keep Using Cleaning Patch Until Its Clean

Keep using the cleaning patch with the cleaning fluid until a clean patch comes out. Use one cleaning patch with the liquid and go through the cleaning process of inserting and going back and forth and round.

Next, change the patch and go through the same process with the fresh patch.

You will find the patches coming out being a bit darker. Keep changing patches until one patch comes out clean. A clean patch means that the rust inside the gun barrel is gone, and your gun is clean.

Step-5: Apply Oil with Patch and Maintain Regularity

The final step is about keeping your gun smooth. In this step, you will go through some method of using a cleaning patch but not with cleaning liquid but oil. Use oil so that it reduces the level of the gun barrel to become brittle.

Also, it reduces the chance of a gun barrel having rust from inside.

Once you have inserted the patch with oil and oiled the barrel, the cleaning process is done. One last thing to remember is to use your gun and clean it properly to avoid having rust in the future. This way, you can keep your gun up and running decades and even more.

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Final Verdict

Now you know How to Remove Rust from Gun Barrels, you can clean your gun and tell others how to do it. Anything in the world wears off without proper care. For guns, it is no different; hence you must take appropriate care of your weapon to increase its durability.

This rust cleaning technique can be useful for very old guns. So, if you find a vintage weapon that you may feel like using, clean the gun with proper care, and the firearm will last longer. So, don't forget to clean your gun and have a nice day.