Over the years, Dirt Devil has become one of the best household vacuum brands in North America. Whether Getting Rid Of Pet Hair On Carpet or remove the clutter, Dirt Devil is a useful tool everywhere.

However, excessive use may clog the vacuum with dirt. It confines Dirt Devil Vacuums dirt gathering ability. That's why it is crucial to clean the vacuum thoroughly. Unfortunately, most Dirt Devil Vacuum Owner doesn't know How to Take Apart a Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner.

In today's article, that is what we are going to discuss. Take a look.

At the start, you may find it tricky to take apart the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. In reality, the process is quite easy, and you'll only need a #2 Philips Screwdriver. Make sure you get this before starting.

Remember that the following steps are suitable for upright vacuums of Dirt Devil. With this in mind, let’s see How to Do It Easily.

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Step 1: Take Away External Battery

You have to remove the power supply at first. How to do is ultimately depends on what Dirt Devil Upright model you have. Most Dirt Devil upright vacuum includes an external battery.

It is also known as a power brick that is located on the side of the vacuum Kit. It is connected through a cable to the charger plug. Take away this external battery and place it aside.

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Step 2: Detach the Handle

The next thing comes vacuums handle. Moreover, you need to detach it before taking apart the vacuum, or else things can get messy. Now cover the floor with newspaper or sheet, where you will work.

At this point, lay the machine on the covered floor on its side. However, make sure the handle attachment faces upwards. Now, rotate the locking collar anticlockwise with your hands.

Note: If you get it hard to rotate the locking collar, lubricate it to loosen quickly. Rotate it until it comes off. Then, pull the handle out from the locking collar. Place the handle aside.

Step 3: Unscrew Two Sections

Therefore, rotate the handle to the side where a screw is facing up. Use #2 Philip screwdriver to remove the screw. Make sure to place it where you can find it later.

You may place the screw in a small container or a paper cup. Unscrew the rest screws similarly and store them in a place. Then, pull the two sections of the handle apart to detach two parts.

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Step 4: Release Canister and Clean It

Check, there is a specific button on each Dirt Devil to release dirt cup or canister. Turn the machine, so the release button is facing up. Press the release button by one hand and hold the canister with the other.

The dirt cup should quickly come off. See, canister includes a filter, insert it from the canister. Take the canister to a garbage can to empty the inside contents. When it is empty, rinse it with cold water.

Step 5: Take Away Metal Plate

Rotate the Dirt Devil vacuum and set it on the floor. Make sure the brush head is facing up. You need to remove the screw at each side of the roll. Use #2 Philips screwdriver to do so.

After that, keep the screws in the same container that you've used for storing handle screws. At this point, the brush head is detach, so pull the metal plate out from the bristles.

Important Note

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Step 6: Take Off Brush Head

Finally, a few more screw will be left on the Dirt Devil frame. Remove them using the screwdriver. Like before, store them in the same place. Now you can completely pull off the brush head to clean all parts.

Give each component a complete wash, and don't forget to air dry them entirely. However, at last, reassembles like you have detached all the parts. Fold the newspaper and throw it in the garbage can when you will do.

Final Words

Do you find the process of taking apart a dirt devil vacuum cleaner difficult? Nothing at all. You might think it is not very easy, but from now it will be easy for you.

It is relatively too easy than most other vacuum cleaner brands. Get the better and faster cleaning for lifelong with Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner!

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