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How to Use a Leaf Blower?

It may seem easy to use a bowler, but you must learn some techniques to handle this powerful tool appropriately.

When it comes to cleaning up the garden or in the fall, debris and dead palms pile up in your garden. Use a leaf blower to blow them. Leaf blowers are now top of the game with their efficiency, handling capacity, and time-saving features.

In this article, we'll brief you on how to use a leaf blower efficiently. We will also provide quick and informative maintenance tips for you, so be with us!

Note: If you have a Commercial Leaf Vacuum in your collection, it also works fine for these works.

Before we get into the basics of starting a leaf blower, we should have a basic idea of why a blower is necessary.

With the arrival of autumn, your lawn, your paths can become covered with fallen leaves. It is important not to let them rot on the ground. They increase the risk of turning your alleys into an ice rink. In fact, with rain and frost, they become very slippery and can cause falls.

Besides, if the leaves are rotting on your lawn, they can weaken it by preventing light from passing through. They will encourage the development of moss and the appearance of various diseases.

Practical and efficient, the blower will allow you to gather the leaves in piles quickly. And if it has a vacuum, it will enable you to collect them as you go with a lawn broom.

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Leaf Blowing Tips: Before Starting

Before we go for leaf blower techniques, it is necessary to follow the following precautions to work safely with your blower:

  1. Read your user manual to get the most out of your blower.
  2. Keep other people away while blowing leaves.
  3. Work observing the air outlet area. So, you never blow small objects and throw them at all speeds towards people, animals, cars, or houses.
  4. Do not use a leaf blower indoors or in a poorly ventilated area.
  5. To blow leaves, work on a stable surface, not on a ladder, a roof.
  6. For added security, remember to equip glasses or hearing protection when using a heat blower.

How to Use a Leaf Blower: Step by Step Guidelines

So, how does a leaf blower work? Or how to blow the leaves? You may know the basics but not the real idea. That is why we will now break this matter into a very general etiquette. For best and safe results, you need to follow the steps correctly. Let's get started!

1. Check the Tank First and Refuel Your Machine

Before taking any action, refuel your machine. However, only refuel your device after the engine has cooled down. Make sure to carry out this operation in a place away from flames and possible fire hazards.

Avoid smoking because the ashes carried by air could land in your fuel oil reserve. And this could be a source of a potential fire.

Note: If you opt for an electric or battery-run blower: skip this step.

2. Gradually Start the Engine

Before starting your activity, check that your machine is in order. Inspect screws and nuts if they are tight to avoid any accident while handling. Then make sure there is no fuel leak. You will recognize it by the smell.

And finally, turn on your craft on a flat surface. Do not try to turn it on near your body. Some references are equipped with support, which is also very practical when starting on the ground.

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3. Practice Your Outdoor Activity

Make sure you understand your area of activity. Please take into account not to point it at other people or animals because the debris could fly off and injure anyone.

Concentrate on handling your device on the ground, not on a ladder or where you should be balancing when starting up. You won't be able to keep it up with the pressure your machine might give.

4. Wear Your Protective Gear

Try to wear long-sleeved clothes and pants. Gloves and glasses should be mandatory to protect you from fragments and offer you better work ergonomics. Gloves should be of non-slip material to prevent a device of this size from slipping out of your hands.

5. Take Breaks!

Take your time to practice your activity. There is actually no point in doing it in a hurry. Stop for a few minutes to relieve your arm muscles. Repeated movements for too long could cause muscle stiffness.

Be aware that the smoke that escapes from the engine can be toxic. So do not use your machine in an enclosed or poorly ventilated area.

6. Use the Other Features.

After you've finished blowing and bundling all the leaves, it's time to collect them. Some leaf blower models offer the function of being a blower, a vacuum, and a mulcher. In these cases, you won't have to change devices every time.

They blow, clean, absorb, and save afterward; you can produce compost that you can reuse in your garden.

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How to Maintain Your Leaf Blower:  Leaf Blower Maintenance Tips

For leaf vacuum cleaners, prefer a model that sucks wet leaves, frequent in fall or winter. Also, remember to empty your leaf collection bag and dry it if it gets wet.

Electric models, whether corded or battery-operated, do not require any particular maintenance and start immediately.

Final Word

Nowadays, leaf blowers are a handy tool to keep your garden or plot clean. But to get its maximum benefit, you must have the fundamental idea of how to use a leaf blower.

So, we tried to give you a glimpse of the process. But we would highly recommend you to follow the manufacturer's manual to get the right idea.

Thanks for being with us!

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