Everyone loves to wear jewelry. If you want to wear your lovely jewelry for a long while, there is no alternative to clean it regularly and keep these in a secure place.

Therefore, you can use different types of cleaning method. There are lots of automated devices available in the market. Among all, our favorite is ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. In this piece of content, we are going to describe how to use ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

What is An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

It is a cleaning device, which will help to clean your materials like jewelry, gun, coin, vinyl recorder, etc. By using its powerful sound wave, you can easily remove the dirt particles from your favorite jewelry and make the old jewelry shiner.

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At first, you have to understand how does an ultrasonic technology works. If you understand the process, then it will be a simple work for anyone.

An ultrasonic device produces bubbles during the time of action. The bubbles are created with powerful waves. For this issue, you will no need to use any other things to complete the cleaning action.

However, with the high forces, it helps to remove particles from jewelry.

The most important thing is this machine focuses on removing dirt, dust, spot etc. from your favorite jewelry. It does not take much time too. The cleaning time will take place between 1 to 20 minutes, not more than that.

Few Steps to Use Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

There would be some manual instruction with the packaging of the ultrasonic cleaner. At first, you need to set your machine as per as it is written in there.

Therefore, wear a protective glove while cleaning your jewelry pieces. 

You will find a metal basket in the machine. Place your dirty jewelry in the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner basket. Make sure that the parts of jewelry should not touch the base of the cleaner.

Put the ornaments in the bubbling water for a time, at least 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Then get your jewelry pieces from the metal basket carefully. Keep mind that, still, you are wearing your gloves.

Usually, you can use this machine twice in a month. Nevertheless, if your jewelry gets dirt frequently, you can use ultrasonic cleaner more than twice; maybe it could be every week of the month. However, cleaning your jewelry with the ultrasonic cleaner will not hamper your pieces.

Lets See How to Use Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Using an ultrasonic device is a very easy process. You may use or avoid the liquid solution. The maximum user uses a liquid solution to achieve quick results.

1. At first, step, put the device in a dry and secure place. Then, fill the device tank with clean water. If you want to use liquid soap, then add some dishwasher and switch on the device.

2. Every ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has a basket. You have to place the piece of jewelry into the basket. Now you have to set the temperature.

Note: Check the user guideline/ manual in detail. Every producer company provides details about its product. There you will know the perfect temperature for each item.

3. Now switch on the device. Let the jewelry in the tank as long as it needs to get clean. Usually, time takes one to twenty minutes to get clean.

Whenever, the cleaning process will finish, dry your wet jewelry with a soft cotton cloth.

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Important Information

The cavitation process is maintained where users have to use a mixture of water and solution. In this process, a high-pressure sound wave creates bubbles to clean jewelry. Tiny bubbles and their following cleans all the dirt, oil, and other particles from the ornaments. Therefore, the cleaning process effects on our jewelry and have some useful benefits.

Advantages of Using Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

1. There is not necessary to use any chemical while using Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner,

2. As we are not using any chemical, your jewelry is almost risk-free from damaging during cleaning time,

3. The procedure is faster than the other method. It will take 1 minute to 10 minutes to clean your jewelry at home. Moreover, at this time, you can do other work while it is cleaning your jewelry. As it is an automatic cleaning process.

4. Although the device is costly, it will give long-time service. Moreover, buying personal equipment is only a one-time investment. Which will assist in the long term. For these reasons, many professional uses ultrasonic cleaner for their businesses,

5. This machine will give your desired result. It helps to clean that part of your jewelry, which is hard to reach.


There is no doubt that It is one of the best cleaning technology, but it has some limitations too. It has a high risk of clean, soft type jewelry like opals, emeralds, and organic type jewelry like pearls, coral pieces in ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

It can damage while cleaning in this cleaning kit. The color of these types of jewelry can change quickly in the heat; treatment should not put in this machine.

Final Word

We can say in our final thought, that ultrasonic jewelry cleaner will give the best result at your one-time investment. However, we cannot use this machine for all the jewelry; this is helpful for other desirable pieces. Even this machine is the best solution for most of the precious jewelry like diamond, gold, platinum, silver, etc.

In this article, we described how to use ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. I hope it will help you to run this device for your work at home. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask your question in the comment section.