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How to Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer

How to Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer?

Automated pool cleaning could be one of the most tiresome tasks. Pool Cleaning with vacuum compare to when you use a robotic machine or skimmer. Here we will describe how to vacuum intex pool without skimmer.

How swimming pool gets dirty? Swimming pools commonly contaminate with algae, debris that has fallen from a tree or any material.

Although, the hard objects are easy to remove because they can be manually trapped. Therefore, for purposes like algae and other types of materials, you will need to use vacuum methods. That can suction all dirt and leave your pool free.

We no. 1 recommendation is to use the quality suction pool cleaner for any pool.

1. Vacuum head:

Vacuum heads are known to be universally fitting on any pool cleaning pole. You will attach this vacuum head to your pool cleaning pole.

We reviewed the top most vacuum head in another article. You should check vacuum head reviews before purchase.

2. Telescopic Pole:

Get a telescopic pole that is long enough to enable you to clean all areas. The telescopic pole can clean your pool without you having to get inside.

3. Vacuum Hose:

A Vacuum hose is a pipe that is connected to any vacuum material. Vacuum hose can suction all contents and remove all dirt from the pool to keep it clean.

It fits universally to any pole so you will not encounter any problem.

4. Vacuum Plate:

On this part, we need a vacuum plate. It is like a plate as the name suggests. It enables you to use the skimmer basket into the pump strainer basket.

Let's Know, How to Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer

We can do it following several methods as followings:

1. Vacuuming Your Pool Manually

Although we will do it manually, we need few cheap tool. These are specially hand tools.

So that, make sure the tools are well prepared to complete the job. It’s time to start using the above discussed tools. So, you will need to confirm you have essential tools from the checklist.

Failure to have any of the machines could lead to job dismissal. If not done correctly and you might end up wasting time.

Vacuum cleaners are awesome. Vacuum cleaning system widely using to clean many other relevant items as Carpet, Tiles Floors, Upholstery etc.

We have a list of lightweight vacuum cleaning kits, which are made specially for seniors people. Please check the list of lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner

2. Prime Your Vacuum

It is an essential step because it allows you to remove all air from your vacuum system. This results in low suctioning capacity leading to more dirt remaining in your pool. Snap the vacuum head on a telescoping pole and insert it to the bottom of the lake. Push the other end of the hosepipe against a jet.

Note: Air reduces the pressure of vacuum system.

If you do all work perfectly, you will not see any more bubbles coming out from the hose.

After that, the air is all out of the vacuum, and you can now start cleaning. It will remove all the air from the vacuum.

Finally, it will ready to use. You can insert the vacuum to a suction machine and it will start working.

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3. Cleaning Your Pool Without a Vacuum

In general, it depends on the types of dirt available on the pool. It could be debris, sand, or leaves that have fallen from a tree. Make sure you use the appropriate method to clean all these debris.

Use Plastic Rake

To remove large debris and leaves, you can use a leaf rake that hooks all dirt and eliminates them from your pool. It is recommended by expertise that you use a plastic rake. Because it removes all the dirt without causing scratches on your pool.

By Using Brush

If you want to remove sand and algae, use a brush. The brush must be clean. If not, it will even add more debris to your pool. Once you confirm that, the brush is clean, you can then clean all areas.

Clean with the algae and sand so that you leave it unused. The small amount of sand and algae that remain in the corners is easy to remove.

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Fine Filtering System

Just turn your filter on, and it will be automatically filtered out. Regular use of the pool will prevent it from harboring algae. So, make sure you keep your pool busy always.

When removing sand and seaweed, be as slow as possible to ensure you don’t create waves that will spread the sand throughout the lake once again. You need to start with the walls.

You can brushing all the algae out before you turn to the floor. As a result, you can eliminate all the possible dirt on the floor.


It is possible to clean your swimming pool without a skimmer. Therefore, it is a tedious process that will consume energy and time. The dirt may remain inside because using an old-fashion way. Moreover, that means you can’t see microscopic dust as compared to robotic machines.

If you have to clean your pool, be as uniform as possible. Also, ensuring you cover every area before going to the next. People who clean using a manual way do it frequently to prevent excess accumulation of materials in the pool.

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