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How to Clean Mop Head in Washing Machine

How to Wash Spin Mop Head in Washing Machine?

A mop makes your life easier, no matter what the chaos is. It will give your floor a deep clean to get rid of stubborn dirt with ease. In this article, we will describe How to Wash Spin Mop Head in Washing Machine?.

By using a Quality Microfiber Floor Mop, you get a clean floor with less stress, that doesn't mean it will never get dirty. The fact! Your spin mop head also requires frequent cleaning to ensure better service.

It can be washed either by hand or by washing machine. Hence, cleaning by hand is not a good option as it may expose to germs! Moreover, the expert suggests cleaning the spin mop head in the washing machine.

However, how to wash the spin mop head in the washing machine? This question looks too funny! Therefore, most people don't know to do this properly.

We'll guide you to wash your spin mop head in the washing machine. Before that, many questions may come to your mind.

No worries. We'll answer all your queries. Let's get started:

Indeed! The purpose of using a mop to sanitize or clean your floor. For doing these, the spin mop has to be properly clean. Because a fresh and sanitized mop head can;

1. Provide an excellent result after each floor cleaning session,
2. Remove annoying smell in the floor,
3. Make the floor germ and bacteria-free.

A dirty mop head contains germs and bacteria, which is unhealthy for your family. When it is not clear correctly, it may hold mold and smell! That's why It is always important to wash spin mop head properly after every use.

There are lots of Soft Broom for Hardwood Floor to clean floors. But it can not be a good alternative of Mop.

Does All Spin Mop Heads Are Machine Washable?

Not all the spin mops are machine washable. The market has some spin mop, which is not made for machine wash. Besides, most of today's spin mop allows machine wash. Perhaps, you may be thinking how to know this?

Well, you'll get this information in the manual of your spin mop. All these new inventions of spin mop are easily manageable, and they will make your life easier.

How to Wash Spin Mop Head in Washing Machine?

Any maintenance equipment has specific ways of cleaning and washing. It happens with a spin mop, as well. Among lots of distinctive features of the spin mop, machine washable is one of the essential functions.

Before we tell you how to wash your spin mop head in the washing machine, check the following issues of your current mops.

  • Where is machine washable?
  • Is it reusable?
  • Is your spin mop head made of ultra-soft microfiber?
  • Does it fit for any floor, including hard and soft?

If your answer is yes, then you can proceed. The steps of the washing your spin mop head are written in below:

The Mop Head Cleaning Process in Details

You can follow simple 6 steps to clean it properly. The steps are:

1. Detach the Mop Head

We know that the spin mop comes with a detachable handle. There are some may need to unclip, and others need to twist off. At the start, you need to detach the mop head from the handle.

Therefore, do it carefully to avoid any damages. You can also follow their manual on how to separate it.

2. Determine the Cycle and Detergent

Most of the time, the manufacturer provides information about the cycle you should use. If the information is not clear, then we would suggest using a gentle cycle at mild heat.

Moreover, you need to decide what type of detergent need for washing spin mop. You can use any general laundry detergent for washing!

3. Set the Mop Into The Machine

On this step, you need to keep your dirty, spin mop head in the washing machine. It is better to wash the mop head alone. That is because it may spread the germs and other bacteria to other cloths.

4. Add Bleach for Better Cleaning

You can also use bleach for mop head washing. Therefore, if your spin mop head is too dirty, then we will suggest you add bleach with the detergent.

After then, start the cleaning process.

5. Take out The Mop Head

When the cleaning cycle is done, gently take out the mop head from the machine. Make sure that there is no dirt in the mop head. After doing that, you may need to start another cycle.

6. Dry Your Spin Mop Head Properly

Moreover, after your cleaning process will be done, you need to get it dried entirely. When it is adequately clean, dry-off your spin mop head outside. It helps to kill the remaining bacteria and molds. Do this after each washing cycle; it boosts the durability of your mop.

Remember, you cannot leave the mop head outside for long to avoid bacteria build-up. In the rainy or winter season, you cannot dry it out.

Then, you can hang the mop in the bathroom but confirm the place is adequately ventilate!

Final Words

See! How easy it is! Therefore, now you know how to wash the spin mop head in the washing machine. It is not that hard and time-consuming task, as you think. All you need to do it to know how to deal with your spin mop.

If you want to wash it with less effort, you should buy a machine-washable spin mop. Therefore, keep your home clean and safe for your loved ones.

Special Note: If you are looking for a proper cleaning system of tile floor, our recommendation is to use Specified Tile & Grout Cleaning Machine.

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