In this post, we have listed 9 Best Refrigerator Water Filter. We run an in-depth research and analyse lots of products before providing Refrigerator Water Filter Review.

While anyone buys a refrigerator, ice dispenser and automatic ice-maker always get importance. These types of refrigerators have a direct line at the back for continuous water supply. By the way, we have described the best possible buying guide in the lower part of this article.

We know, tap water is not entirely pure nowadays. It also tastes so bad sometimes. That's why we need a good quality fridge water filter. It is better and boost the quality of drinking fridge water.

Finding the quality products at this time has become challenging. Many manufacturers have come into the market with countless new models. They say that you'll get the best result if you use their brand.

These situations are so confusing! We understand and hope; you will get the best suitable filter according to your requirements.

Note: Here, we are not going to review only filter what is produced by the fridge manufacturer company. You will find a few Best Aftermarket Refrigerator Water Filter too in this list.

Here is the suggested list. Let's check in details:

1. Overall Best Refrigerator Water Filter - GE RPWFE2PK RPWFE

The GE RPWFE2PK is a smart choice for the GE French door refrigerator. Not only the look, but the filter is also best for removing 98% of undesirable particles from tap water.

It can efficiently remove five-trace pharmaceuticals and other chemicals like mercury, lead, chlorine, asbestos, etc.

GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter, White Green, Pack of 2

In a word, the filter can remove any kind of impurities found in tap water.

The filter comes with an excellent filtration capacity of 200 gallons of water. Yet, you should replace it every six months. Don't worry about the installation and replacement. It doesn't require any additional tools.

Overall, it does a great job of making the water safe and improving the taste. It is also NSF certified for filtration and structural performance.


1. Highly-appreciated for ease of replacement,

2. Removes 98% of undesirable contaminants,

3. Includes a countdown feature,

4. It maintains a good flavor of water.


1. Comparatively expensive.

2. Whirlpool Everydrop Fridge Water Filter

Stay refreshed with the convenient and demand able, Whirlpool Everydrop refrigerator water filter. The Everydrop water filter can reduce up to 73 contaminants from the water. It is certified as number 1 and tested by NSF.

The filter can efficiently remove contaminants like pesticides, lead, and pharmaceuticals. However, it resides all the components that are good for the health.

EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 3, EDR3RXD1...

The Whirlpool Everydrop can purify up to 200 gallons of water. It lasts for about six months, and you should change after that. The filter includes a light that alarms when replacement needed.

You need to place it at the bottom left corner of the refrigerator. Besides, the filter is a generic filter. It means the filter is compatible with most refrigerator brands, including Maytag, JennAir, Amana, and KitchenAid.

Above all, the water filter features triple filtration technology that makes it one of the best choices for the home. One single filter can replace the use of 1500 water bottles.


1. Efficiently removes 73 contaminates,

2. Features triple filtration technology,

3. Includes a light that alarms for replacement,

4. Easy to install,

5. Can replace up to 1500 water bottles,

6. NSF certified,

7. Great compatibility.


1. Not useful for removing chlorine,

2. Somewhat costly.

3. The Carbon blockSamsung Da29-00020b-1P Refrigerator Water Filter

Enjoy fresh filter water anytime from your Samsung refrigerator by installing a Samsung refrigerator water filter. The filter claims to remove up to 99% of several potential and harmful contaminants.

The Da29-0020b-1p is tested and certified by NSF. It features impressive coconut carbon filter technology where carbon block is made with a coconut shell. This coconut shell holds a porous structure that can highly absorb contaminants.

Samsung Da29-00020b-1P Refrigerator Water Filter 1 Pack...

The high-grade carbon block can remove contaminants like heavy metals, chemicals, sediments, fluoride, parasites, etc. Not just that, it also improves the taste of the water. The filter comes with a maximum capacity of 300-gallons of water.

Moreover, the installing is too easy, place it inside the refrigerator and turn the filter clockwise. You should change a filter every six months. There is a light indicator that turns red when the replacement needed. Most of all, the filter is compatible with most Samsung refrigerators.


1. Can remove 99% of contaminants,

2. Includes a high-grade carbon block,

3. Made with lead-free material,

4. Cost-effective,

5. Maximum filtration capacity,

6. Easy to install,

7. NSF Certified.


1. Samsung doesn't provide warranty in this filter.

4. The EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 4

The Everydrop 4 by Whirlpool is considered one of the best refrigerator water filters in the market. It provides cleaner water by ensuring great taste and faster water flow.

The Everydrop water filter 4 is excellent at removing 23 contaminants, including mercury, parasites, pharmaceuticals, and 99% of lead. It is NSF certified so that you can rely on the quality.

EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 4, EDR4RXD1...

The filter can filter out 200 gallons of water, and you should change it every six months. It design to use in the bottom freezer and side by side refrigerator. The installation is also more comfortable.

Besides, the Everydrop filter 4 works with most refrigerator brands, including JennAir, KitchenAid, Maytag, and Amana. You should check the model to check if it fits in your refrigerator.

There are more; the filter can provide 8 gallons of water per minute with the best water flow. The water you will get absolutely fresh and filtered at the same time.


1. Significant contaminants removing capability,

2. Faster water flow,

3. Better compatibility,

4. Ensures crystal clear water,

5. Easy installation,

6. Not bad odor,

7. Quality material,

8. NSF certified.


1. Costly as usual,

2. No warranty will give by manufacture.

5. Waterdrop DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter

Similar to other Samsung filters, the Waterdrop DA29-00020B maintains a high-quality standard. The filter is highly NSF certified. It improves the quality of water by retaining all the beneficial components for your health.

The filter is certified to 53 for reducing 99.6% lead, 99.99% cyst, 96.6% Benzene, and 96.6% Endrin. Then, it is NSF 42 approved for lowering 97% chlorine and bad taste. Lastly, it is NSF 372 certified as it makes of lead-free material.

Samsung DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement by...

It can filter out 300 gallons of water in its six-month lifetime. After that, you should replace it, and the installation is hassle-free. Moreover, it is precision-engineered for a proper fit without any water leakage.

The filter media makes from activated coconut carbon filter media. It fits with most Samsung models; still, you should check the compatibility with your refrigerator.


1. Removes up to 99% of harmful contaminants,

2. Leak-free fit,

3. Good water flow,

4. ANSI/NSF tested,

5. Made from quality material,

6. It ensures safe, clean, and good-tasting water.


1. Somewhat costly,

2. Installation is not easy; as mentioned, read the manual carefully.

6. General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

The next, General Electric MWF refrigerator water filter comes with a unique "twist and lock" design. The filter offers an advanced filtration that allows you to filter up to five-trace pharmaceuticals.

This "twist and Lock" refrigerator water filter fits in most of the GE bottom freezer and side-by-side refrigerators. The installation is super easy, as no additional tools are needed.

General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

As mentioned earlier, the filter is verified to filter five-trace pharmaceuticals, including progesterone, ibuprofen, fluoxetine, atenolol, etc. The filter is NSF certified for removing lead, cyst, mercury, pesticide, insecticides, chlorine taste, and odor.

Furthermore, the filter comes with a maximum filtration capacity of 300 gallons of water. It can replace every six months. Above all, it may not be the budget-friendly option, but what you get is worth it.


1. No tools required for installation,

2. User-friendly design,

3. NSF certified,

4. Can remove up to 99% unwanted components,

5. Maximum filtration capacity.


1. Price but worth it,

2. Limited warranty.

7. Frigidaire WF2CB Ice & Water Filtration System

The Frigidaire WF2CB is excellent at reducing chlorine, cyst, mercury, lead, and other harmful contaminants. It still retains fluoride in the water for your better health. Indeed, it's a great option to protect your family and investment as well.

The filter emphasizes removing 99.99% of cysts, 99.70% turbidity, 99.30% lead, and 91% mercury. It can also minimize alachlor, herbicides, atrazine, and toxaphene from the water.

Frigidaire WF2CB PureSource2 Water Filter Cartridge, 1...

Howe er, it makes in a 2x5x9 dimension, which makes it an excellent fit for most Frigidaire filter replacement. The filter supposed to fit in most front-cassette Frigidaire refrigerator models. Before you buy one, make sure it fits in your refrigerator model.

The filter features slide-in and slide-out technology for ease of installation. It can filter out around 200 gallons of water in the six months lifetime. All in all, the Frigidaire filter is a safer and smarter choice for your family.


1. Can reduce up to 99% of unhealthy impurities,

2. Easy installation,

3. The replacement filter is available,

4. Good price.


1. No indicator light it have,

2. Requires several gallons of water before using.

8. Waterdrop UKF8001 NSF 53&42 Certified Refrigerator Water Filter

The Waterdrop brings an eco-friendly material in the refrigerator filter for your refrigerator. It ensures a reliable and safe drinking experience. You and your loved one can enjoy fresh and filtered water anytime.

The filter media makes from renewable activated Coconut carbon for an ecological world. It comes with a simple twist and lock design. Therefore, this is precision-engineered to ensure a leak-proof fit.

Waterdrop UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with...

Moreover, this ultra-healthy filter can remove most health-related impurities, chlorine, and bad taste. The filtered water tastes like mountain spring water. With all the NSF certification, it ensures that your drinking water is entirely safe.

The filter includes an extend filtration capacity of 300 gallons. It works effectively for about six months. There is a filter indicator to alert you about filter replacement. This filter is compatible with most brands, like Amana, JennAir, Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, etc.


1. Eco-friendly,

2. Leak-proof design,

3. Easy to install,

4. NSF certified,

5. 300 gallons filtration capacity,

6. Affordable price.


1. No warranty from the manufacturer.

9. Culligan IC 4 EZ-Change Refrigerator Filtration System

Get clear and better-tasting water and ice for drinking from the Culligan EZ-Change filtration system. The filter is best-known for its tool-free and easy filter installation.

The filter features twist-on and twist-off filter mechanism. Thus, it ensures easy filter changing and installation. The filter comes with all the necessary tools needed for the installation.

Culligan IC 4 EZ-Change Inline Icemaker and Refrigerator...

The NSF certifies the filter after testing chlorine, chlorine, natural particulate, bad taste, and odor. It provides a higher level of filtration in the refrigerator. It can filter up to 500 gallons of water, which is vast for a fridge filter.

Moreover, the filter maintains a water flow rate of 0.5gpm at 60 psi. You can quickly get filtered water without waiting. It also includes a filter change reminder filter for user's convenience. All in all, it's a budget-friendly option that will not get you broke.


1. Budget-friendly option,

2. 500 gallons filtration capacity,

3. NSF/ANSI certified,

4. Maintains a good water flow,

5. Easy and quick installation.


1. No light indicator includes.

Best Fridge Water Filter Buying Guide

Getting filtered and cold water at the same time in now more comfortable with the best fridge water filter.

It is possible when your household has the Best Iron Filter for Well Water.

Elsewise, you need the best quality fridge filter to ensure the best quality of water. If you still cannot decide which one to buy from the list, you should check the following factors.

1. Compatibility with Your Refrigerator

Over everything, the first thing to do is to get the right filter for your fridge. The filter should fit into your refrigerator model. How so? Luckily, manufacturers nowadays help to determine the right fit.

They include the compatibility of the specific filter with the fridge models. However, this makes sure that you don't waste money on the wrong one.

2. Contaminant Removing Compatibility

Not all household water supply contains the same kind of contaminants. In some households, the number of sediments is enormous. For those, you can check our sediment filter reviews to find the best sediment filter.

No matter what type of contaminants the water has, you want your fridge water filter to remove it. However, not every filter can remove all kinds of contaminants. So, you should know what type of contaminant your tap water has.

Only then you can decide easily. Do a water taste and check if the filter can remove that specific contaminant. Here you have to consider the size of pollutants that the filter can remove.

Any good fridge water filter should be able to remove at least 1 micron or lower sized particles. Also, the filter should remove dangerous contaminants like mercury and lead from the water.

3. Quality of the Filter

The condition means not only the material quality but also the performance of the filter. Yes, the filter should make of BPA-free plastic or corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Besides, you should check how effective it is to remove the maximum number of contaminants.

4. Cost and Durability

The cost and durability are somehow connected. A fridge water filter will a low lifespan will cost you many bucks. The price includes the initial purchase cost and maintenance or replacement cost as well.

The initial cost depends on the model of the refrigerator. However, there are several replacement solutions available. So, it is not necessary to buy the filter from the same brand.

You might be wondering, are those replacement solutions better? Yes, they are and so within less cost. A good-quality fridge water filter should last for about six months. But, that's not always the case.

The lifespan of the filter also depends on the capacity of the filter. Some filter can filter out 200 gallons of water, while other at 300 gallons. The filter with 200 gallons capacity become ineffective before the rest one.

5. Ease of Maintenance

While you are buying the fridge water filter, the maintenance and replacement is a must. You cannot afford to call a professional each time you replace it. So, it should be easy for anyone to replace the filter and do other maintenance. In a word, the filter should be user-friendly.

6. Warranty of the Filter

Guarantees do matter when it comes to the best refrigerator water filter. Though these filters mostly work for about six months, you may still need to do new servicing. That's where warranty comes handy.

You won't like to spend money if it breaks in a few days after installing it. So, calling professionals from the filter manufacturer can save a lot of your money. Check the warranty period of the filter and take advantage of the warranty period.

How Does A Refrigerator Water Filter Work?

Do you know about the water cycle? It describes the continuous movement of water from the river to your water supply. The water you pour into the glass flow through above and below the earth. In each state, it adds a different kind of impurities.

So, here a filter protects your drinking water from all these contaminants. It makes sure all these impurities don't come to your glass. Refrigerator water filter works using two techniques, which are physical filtration and chemical filtration.

  • Physical Filtration: It is the process of removing solid material from the water. Here fridge water filter media strain the water to remove the sand, silt, and filth. It filters larger contaminants through a gauge or beautiful textile.
  • Chemical Filtration: It's a process of removing dissolved particles like carbon, resin, and other adsorbents from the water. The filter media uses active material to remove dirt chemically. It mostly uses two types of filter media, such as activated carbon and resins.

Why Is A Refrigerator Filter Important?

Undoubtedly, a refrigerator filter is essential for each household. As you know, the refrigerator filter ensures clean water by removing contaminants and bacteria from your drinking water.

Though, in most developed countries, tap water is already safe to drink because of severe filtration. This filtration do by use chlorine and fluoride. So, this can give your drinking water an unpleasant odor. The use of chemicals may be harmful to some people.

Sometimes, a natural disaster can make your tap water undrinkable. When this water goes directly to your fridge, it can have many harmful effects. That's why it is essential to have the best refrigerator water filter.

Note: If you want a filter for removing sediment from drinking water, we recommend Sediment Filter for Well Water.

Furthermore, If your drinking water fills with iron, try Suggested Iron Filter for Well water. Keep safe by making sure you and your family members are drinking healthy water.

Here are more reasons that describe you should have a fridge water filter:

1. Improves the Taste of Water

Refrigerator filter enhances the taste of water by removing chlorine and fluoride, as well as other contaminants. By eliminating unwanted smells, it inspires you to drink more water in a day.

2. Minimizes Health Risks

Even after filtration in several steps, tap water in the developed country contains annoying contaminants. Drinking that water can be harmful to some, especially kids and aged people. Here refrigerator filters make sure the water is free of any kind of harmful contaminants.

3. Refrigerator Filters Are Efficient

A standard refrigerator water filter can filter thousands of gallons of water in one lifetime. You can get maximum filtered water before the filter cartridge requires to be changed. It means they provide you the safe water in an efficient way.

4. Eco-friendly

When you have a refrigerator filter, you don't need to buy bottled water. It means you are using less plastic that provides a positive on our ecology. You can bring filtered water from the fridge to a reusable water bottle.

5. Continuous Cold Water

Having a refrigerator filter means you get cold water anytime. So, this is the difference between a refrigerator filter and other home filters. You always arrive safe and drink cold water whenever you need it.

6. Cost-effective

As you know, bottled water is many times expensive than tap water. Yes, refrigerator filtered water is not also free. You need to spend on the best fridge water filter. However, it is still less expensive than bottled water. You can get gallons of filtered water at a low cost.


1. When to Replace My Best Fridge Water Filter?

You should replace your fridge filter every six months. Do leave a filter in the fridge longer than this time. If you don't change within this time, your filter will clog, and it will grow bacteria. Moreover, overtime use of carbon filer makes the water harmful to health.

2. How to know if my water filter is working?

There are a few things that describe whether your filter is working. If you identify an odor in the water or it tastes bad, it means the filter is not working. Also, if you notice a decreased water, it denotes the filter is not working. Some fridge water filter includes an indicator to let you know if the filter is working or not.

3. How Do I get help to Install My New Refrigerator Filter?

Well, it depends on the type and position of the filter. A filter can locate in the upper right-hand corner, left-side of the base grille, lower-left corner of the base grille, etc.

Here we'll discuss how to install a refrigerator filter at the upper right-hand corner inside the fridge.

  • Locate the position where you'll be installing it.
  • Pull the fridge filter door up.
  • Now, discard the filter.
  • Take the new filter and remove the casing from the O-rings but make to keep it in place.
  • Insert the new filter into the upper right-hand corner, and the arrow should be pointing upward. Place it gently and rotate the filter until all the notches are aligned with the grooves.
  • Then close the filter door to fix it in place.
  • After installing, run about four gallons of water to flush the new filter.

4. Will my refrigerator work without the water filter?

Yes, a refrigerator can work without a filter by skipping the filtration steps. It means to supply water goes directly to the ice maker. But here you'll need to install an extra part, called bypass plug.

5. How do I know if my water filter is clogged?

When the water is coming slower from the filter, it means there are mineral deposits inside the filter. There is a chance that the filter is clogged even though it is working.

Final Words

So, maintaining the good health of everyone is essential. Drinking safe water is what should be your top priority for you and your family. And, the best fridge water filter can help you with doing so. While choosing the best refrigerator water filter, you should go smooth.

Don't overthink. Only check that if the filter is capable of removing contaminants from your tap water. The list we mentioned above could help you narrow down your choice and help make the best decision.